Saturday, November 25, 2006

"Who wants to be a hippie anyway?"

(Smoky photo by Claire)

Oh my! Chevvers and Fluxxy (that's him there in the skeleton costume) of Wrong Music rolled into Belfast last night and - as expected - blew our fucking heads off with their impossibly fun mix of happy hardcore, gabber, speedcore, breakcore, insert-pretty-much-anything-here-core and general mayhem, all cranked up to 111 on a marvellously loud soundsystem (I only noticed how fucked up my hearing was when I flushed the toilet this morning and could barely hear the water).

The support, local boyos Brian & Baxter, got it all ramped up with some wicked acid gubbins, before Chevron took over and ramped the beats per minute up by a few dozen. Oen Flux lived up to that Discogs profile pic as a savage mentalist, and banged our brains up silly with bangers that I would doubt ever dipped below 200BPM the whole night. Highlights included random cheesy pop hits reinforced with crushing speedcore bass kicks, something that featured the Byker Grove theme, and Technohead's "I Wanna Be a Hippie", sped up even faster than usual. (As Fluxxy put it, "Who wants to be a hippie anyway? I like having a house." Too true.) He also played a tune dedicated to his girlfriend - who, if Chevron is to be believed, weighs 25 stone. She must be into breakcore too. And, with all the fun that we had last night, I can't possibly blame her.

Now get spastic and turn this up as loud as it fucking goes.

PS: More top pics soon hopefully.


magooo said...

that looks/sounds like it was red hot

diston belfast said...

glad you liked it :)

Tugboat said...

Cheers for getting them over folks - that and the time they were over in February were the best two parties we've had all year!

diston belfast said...

yeah, they were both great shows. all our shows of late have been rocking. good times. hopefully see y'all down again soon.