Sunday, November 12, 2006


(Photo by Liam.)
Has Borat quoting started to grate yet? I don't think so, but give it a week or two. At least it's actually milk-squirting-out-the-nose hilarious, and not... I dunno, Family Guy or something. (Do people quote Family Guy? I wouldn't know. I'm out of whatever loops that nerds tend to be in.) NICE!

Anyway, while I'm still in the jolly mood that I am today* - some recommendations. Check out Undomondo, first off just generally (presumably you cool cats are already 10 steps ahead of me), but in particular, this post about Markus Guentner - whose "popified deep minimal" tunes (better description than I could come up with) from this here album are running a lovely kind of riot around my brain. I would have posted up a tune off his 1981 EP on Kompakt from last year, but it would mean ripping it from vinyl, and I think I'm glued to this chair. A much more straight ahead (albeit Schaffeled-up) affair than the intricate stylings of this newer album.

*Surprising, given that I'm a bit hungover (when am I ever not, really though?), broke as a badger, and meant to be doing loads of work for college. But sure fuck it. If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.

Also, pick up the Sleeparchive remix of Modeselektor's "Dancing Box" over at The Book I Read if you get a chance. Minimal in a loud, bangy way, and more... piledrivey (not a word, according to Firefox's spell-checker) than the original. Needs to be played full blast, I'd wager. If you had any Funktion Ones lying around gathering dust, I reckon they'd do it justice. (For such a quality product, that is an incredibly tacky website.)

Anyway, what the fuck am I on about now? Oh yeah. I haven't seen an awful lot of really good video blogs (haven't really been looking either, to be honest) but this one seems pretty top drawer. It's got a wide range of stuff, old and new, lotsa live stuff, and it's from whence this following video of The Band came.

EDIT: Just noticed we now have our 10th contributor - welcome Kathy!

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KickAcid said...

tip top jauntyness thugboat.
And seemingly no, Borat will never get old.(I amy regret this statement)