Thursday, November 09, 2006

Too much lovin

(Edited for utterly appalling grammar and terrible spelling, 10/11/2006. Hugs and raspberries, Tugboat.)

This post is well overdue, mainly because I had some hot video action to show, but encountered problems with puttin them on youtube, but mostly because I'm still recovering from the intense concentrated brilliance of last weekend.

So me and Tugboat, after much travelling and fatiguedness, got ourselfs down to Rob's in Norwich, which resulted in concentrated alcohol consumption, covering many of the scenic little haunts of Norwich (a bangin wee town I reckons). We met Rob's friendly folk, who are some downright lovely people, and drew all over the walls of the bathroom and each other. When we retreated to Rob's we consumed more alcohol and low class drugs I purchased for a modest sum before passing out on the couch.

Arab strap next. The set began as it had at the recent Galway and Belfast gigs I attended, starting with "Stink", "Fucking Little Bastards", "Dream Sequence" and "If There's No Hope For Us", before diverting into material from the Ten Years of Tears comp ("I Saw You", "Gilded") and then dipping into the fucking class A material before treating us with a stunning finale of The First Big Weekend (YES!) and returning with an acoustic encore, leaving us with a stirring rendition of "The Shy Retirer".

Fantastic gig, let down slightly by the fucking hardon in a cardigan brigade, notably that strange looking monkey boy thing (amusingly, taken on by Rob on all counts). Annoyingly, I have a sizeable portion of the gig filmed in quite good quality, though the files are too large for YouTube.

So yes, from there we kicked things into overdrive. I ripped my trousers up (being highly intoxicated) and we threw our hot sexy bodies all over the town of Norwich.

Note the crude tattoos on Rob's body (Brits out, Nazi symbol). Not pictured: huge crudely drawn Red Hand of Ulster on Rob's back.

With that done, Tugboat and I made our way to London to visit our good friend and Letterkenny compatriot, Rachael Monaghan. The plan was to hit the legendary Fabric, what with a lineup that included Vitalic, Zombie Nation, 2 Many DJs, Manhead, Shitrobot and The Juan Maclean (in the one fucking night).

I was fucking knackered after the previous two night's binging so an order of Special Brew and 9 pills of Pro Plus would fit the bill (I recommend pro plus to nobody). We hit the underground trains. I pissed in public a hell of a lot without getting arrested (I pissed in a wine bottle in the train too. C'mon, it was a two hour journey).

When we finally got to Fabric, the queue was FUCKING MASSIVE. Tugboat then bought some (EDITED: because Tugboat thinks his mammy or the Gardai will read this, naw, im kiddin thuggys, glove you [DOUBLE EDITED: Go fuck yourself. Love, Tuggers]) off a (EDITED: casual racism, Daniel, you scumbag) lady in the queue which resulted in a rather pleasant half hour.

AFTER FOUR FUCKING HOURS - yeah I said it, FOUR FUCKING HOURS IN A FUCKING QUEUE, we got into Fabric thanks to Rachael's efforts to skip the queue by about two hours with her skills of immense party). And by FUCK IT WAS AMAZING.

The next morning was horrible for me.
The end.

Quoff this:
ARAB STRAP -The Shy Retirer (acoustic, from the tour only last single, 'ave it)


Aidan, mostly said...

Class A jammy. Did Fionn tell you what happened to us? We had everything planned out but we didn't bring our fucking passports. I'm still depressed

KickAcid said...

aidan, ye buggy, cant believe was top.

aidan said...

I am a tit. Nicely edited by the way. Can't find an open proxie here and the college are being dickheads.

Anonymous said...

eh dj dano, if my menory serves me correctly i got us to skip the queue!!? don't you rememeber!?

rachael monaghan!

KickAcid said...


robvanhalen said...

apparently i punched that guy in the face who busted my lip on the thursday and threatened him with irish death after the strap. everything is ok though, i was pure drinkin with him last nite.

Oddy Knocky said...

i dont think ill ever stop bein pissed offr about that.especially considerin i rfemembered on monday and then forgot to get mum to post it down. if we'd got the internet here a few days ago then id have something to dull the pain at least.could go to see the Flamin lips in glasgow tomorrow night for £30. thats for two shaggin tickets. but course its too pissin late now. pish

dkln said...

if you just fire the movie files into iMovie, you can make them fairly small pretty easily. just convert them for 'e-mail' or even smaller 'web streaming'. i think it comes with every Mac.

i wish i hadda went, but at the same time, I really had no money so it woulda been fairly dull for me.
next time though, hm?

KickAcid said...

hmm,cheers, but still no cigar. its a .avi file which some plug in or another is needed.