Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Paris Hilton

Me and Brian hit Habitat last night cause Laura got an invite to this fancy christmas instore thing.
There was free wine and we ended up trying to see who could drink the most.
I managed eight glasses and got clean fucked.
we then bought two bottles of wine on the way home.
Im now wasting my day at home sitting around in a bathrobe with a fucking huge big hangover.
VINCENT GALLO-yes im lonely
(the guitar in this song is like my hangover condensed into sound)


Tugboat said...

What happened there then?

Oddy Knocky said...

songs cool. must pick up more of that weird fuckers stuff. mind when he was sellin his "seed" for half a million bucks?

KickAcid said...

I can copy ya the album.
its well bangin.

Oddy Knocky said...

pucker. ill nab you on that over christmas.

i feel your pain too. wine hangovers are a special kind of horrible