Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Low Fog

Forgot all about this 'til I found it on my contuter this very minute. I actually wasn't incredibly fond of it when I first heard it a month or two ago, but it's come back around to hit me on the head with its firm wallop of quality, calling me a very silly boy indeed for not believing. Beautiful building guitars and synths add layers of complexity and wistfulness to an originally quite menacing tune (I thought it was menacing at least).

The wonderful Low, as remixed by the wonderful Fog.

LOW - Monkey (Fog remix) [Chair Kickers' Union; 2005; Tonight The Monkeys Die (Low Remixes)]

EDIT: See also Comfort Music, who have the Bob Mould version up, a much jauntier affair.

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KickAcid said...

cool, you have a contuter.