Saturday, November 18, 2006

I'll Show Your Punk-Rock Ass

(Photo by Laura)

It appears to be snowing outside. Oh wait... no, it's stopped. Anyway, it's cold as a motherfucker. Home for the weekend again, supposed to be doing work, instead spending too much time on the interweb and listening to tunes. Specifically loads of (relatively) old tunes on CDs I hadn't brought up to college with me. CDs! Who uses them these days?

Oh, first, as continuity: something I mentioned last weekend, a tune from Markus Guentner's 1981 EP from last year on Kompakt...

MARKUS GUENTNER - Hi-Jacked (Kompakt; 2005; 1981 EP)

More more more! This time, more Low. A tune from their collaboration with the Dirty Three from a few years ago, as part of the In the Fishtank series. Like a dustier, more weather-beaten Low, or the Dirty Three with a husband and wife singing duo. Basically, it works.

LOW & THE DIRTY THREE - When I Called Upon Your Seed (Konkurrent; 2001; In The Fishtank)

Another beautiful combination of male & female voice is heard in this following cover of Pavement's "Stop Breathin'", part of the Pavement tribute CD Everything Is Ending Here which came out on Italian label Homesleep in 2003. Taking Pavement's college intellect and bringing it all down home...

BOXSTEP - Stop Breathin' (Homesleep; 2003; Everything Is Ending Here)

Kurt Wagner will show your punk rock ass.

LAMBCHOP - My Face Your Ass (City Slang; 1997; Thriller)

Another staple of my musical diet a few years back was what the critics call post-rock. Fridge (whose line-up includes one Kieran Hebden) do a neat line on the more experimental fringe of that scene, and have a new album scheduled for January 2007. From the album Happiness from 2000, this tune (as we've come to expect from Four Tet) is a nice, messy-yet-together romp around the studio. More Fridge MP3s are available from their webshite.

FRIDGE - Drums Bass Sonics and Edit (Domino; 2000; Happiness)

Back to America, where Jim Jones and friends are trying to break your heart.

MY MORNING JACKET - Come Closer (Wichita; 2002; Sweatbees EP)

And finally, our adventure takes us home to Germany. Michaela Grobelny, aka M.I.A., made this deep, warm piece of minimal techno, which featured on Craig Richards' Fabric 15.

M.I.A. - River (Trapez; 2003; River)

QUICK EDIT: Charlie Brooker does his run-down of the contestants in the new I'm A Celebrity...: "Fuck him, this is Anstis we're talking about, not Hawking or a Beatle. Human civilisation might just survive his passing."

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