Thursday, November 30, 2006

I got something for your mind

Seems everybodys doing the Aryan Krump I reported on earlier, which seems to be spreading like the dance eqivalent of POGS.
Have a look, its all over youtube.
Maybe If I was german I'd understand.

One Gooch dug up:

this guys rubbish:

Worse still:


check the kid:

And here it is, download and try it forself at home.
Dj Coone-The Return
(this is going to be all over highland radio in like a year isnt it.)


magooo said...

oh shit, the best post EVAR. i was going to comment about what track it was but there it is DJ coone. hawt!!!

Oddy Knocky said...

your girl looks like a line dancer with rickets. the kids fuckin class. is there any reason why they dance like that to that specific song?

magooo said...

Daithi said...

they are all gay. fit in nicely in the fubar so.