Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Down with more than one Shindig

I'll be playing pop music of the "urban" variety in Crawdaddy (Bar) all night this Thursday at Club Shindig (i guess when you're reading this it'll be "tonight"). I don't know how i got myself in this situation. Come along and laugh at my skillz. Plus, if you're in Dublin and know me, get at me for the guestlist.

I've been listening to lots of music too, I think there'll be a post from me on Friday or Saturday.

EDIT: It was an experience. I played some good tracks, even went a little baltimore club on their asses and for the most part the people danced. I need to practice playing one song after another though, yessir.


Tugboat said...

Nice work.

Anonymous said...

cool, yo. i'd go if i could.

Shane said...

shane. :)