Sunday, November 26, 2006

Chrimbo, etc.

(Still from the 1999 TV movie Olive The Other Reindeer)

Could I be a little premature on this one? I dunno, the whole impending thing of Christmas has really dawned on me in the last week, it just seems to creep up every year and then BAM, before ya know it you're getting drunk and watching Home Alone and Jingle All the Way whilst getting fat on the couch.

Anyway, before it becomes open season for blogs to post Christmas tracks (which will probably be every blog posting some Sufjan Stevens festive cover) I thought I'd throw my festive hat into the big boiling pot of festive hats early.

ARAB STRAP - (Christmas) Baby, Please Come Home

JOHN WILLIAMS - Christmas Star
NATHAN FAKE - Silent Night
THE DRIFTERS - I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas
JOHNNY MATHIS - It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas
LOW - Just Like Christmas

And fuck it, I couldn't resist:
WHAM! - Last Christmas
PAUL MC CARTNEY - Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

BONUS: One can but only dream to have moves like this odd bunch of Northern Europeans...


magooo said...

i've youtubed hakken before and it is seriously the most amazing craze.

Tugboat said...

And what a tune!

I got somethin for ya mind...

Anonymous said...


Kenton from ist and Pink Box Records here...

We're in the middle of a campaign to bring a real (and independent) song to Christmas No. 1 (any and everywhere in the world) and we need your help. I've enclosed a link to the pre-order for the single - "The Wreck of the Eddie Fitzpatrick/I am Jesus (And You're Not)". If you like the songs, could you please consider reporting on them and the campaign, with a link to the pre-orders...

Obviously, we'll send you MP3 or CD copies for yourself if you choose to write about it, although we'd love it if you and your readers spent the £1.50. : ) And we'll advertise your blog as well, as is only right and proper.

or, in someone else's words...

ist 'I Am Jesus (And You're Not)'
Rejoice, officially the first Xmas single has appeared on indiestore. Any good? Yup. 'I Am Jesus (And You're Not)' clocks in just short of a minute, but what a minute. Surf guitars, snarly vocals, the kitchen sink surely isn't far away. We'd love to see excellent 'The Wreck Of Eddie Fitzpatrick' as the Christmas Number One. Go on, make our day. - 7digital

The songs were written in response to a conversation with Tom Robinson, daring us to write short, raw pop songs with stories to tell. Which is kind of what we were already doing. So, we made them shorter and more raw. In the case of "I am Jesus (And You're Not)" - our candidate for the Christmas charts - a LOT shorter.

Lyrics are available from the forum at under the subject "Toothpick Bridge" in the Lyrics Section

We would very much appreciate your support.

Thanking you in advance,

Kenton Hall
07918 635 468

PS Don't forget to pick up your free samples from previous ist albums ("Boyfriend" from Freudian Corduroy and "Evelyn Harper" from King Martha at the main site.

KickAcid said...

jesus,that ist shite,
I think ill pass.

Tugboat said...

I think you've just done your own advertising there mate.

Oddy Knocky said...

that nathen fake yoke is stonkin

Kentonist said...

Thanks for listening anyway...