Friday, November 03, 2006

Always watching LOST

  1. This weeks gigage was courtesy of M Ward and I must say he was really, really impressive. I'm sure fellow blog contributor Brian could do a much better job of talking about him than I ever could so I'll leave that for him to do at some stage in the future. You should try and get your hands on his latest album 'Post-War' though. The support act The Basement, who's lead singer is from Omagh, were also top notch, you should definitly check out the tunes on their myspace.
    M Ward - Right In The Head

  2. John Tejada has a new album out called 'Cleaning Sounds Is A Filthy Business' and it is one fucking squelchy slice of minimal techno. You might know him from his remix of the Postal Service's Such Great Heights as his Wikipedia article says.
    John Tejada - Clever Bunch
    John Tejada - Mutation

  3. I was really looking forward to the new Joakim album on the strength of what I'd heard from him before. His previous single Teenage Kiss, his remixes of Annie's Always Too Late and DJ T's A Guy Called Jack and his edit of Tiga's (Far From) Home and others all knock pretty hard. However, I have some bad news, 'Monsters and Silly Songs' wait...actually, it's listenable but i expected more. I think there's at least one or two songs I can salvage from it:
    Joakim - I Wish You Were Gone
    Joakim - Rocket Pearl

  4. I really wish i had time to post about Mac Dre on Wednesday :(
    He died on the 1st November 2004 and was dope as hell. This first track is essential.
    Mac Dre & Mac Mall - Dredio ft. E-40
    Mac Dre - 2 Hard 4 The Fuckin Radio

  5. Fluokids are biting my style.
    They did post this track just today though. Sinden is on fire as usual:
    Epic Man ft. Plan B - More Is Enough (Sinden Remix)
    Here, have the original too (it's a little less crazy):
    Epic Man ft. Plan B - More Is Enough

  6. <3


Shane said...

aye, fluo had the original up back in july i believe.

also, all i gots of joakim is "sleep in hollow tree" and "drumtax"....drumtax the better of the two, i guess maybe.

dkln said...

Uppie is some doll. i thought she was hot, until she spoke.