Thursday, November 30, 2006

I got something for your mind

Seems everybodys doing the Aryan Krump I reported on earlier, which seems to be spreading like the dance eqivalent of POGS.
Have a look, its all over youtube.
Maybe If I was german I'd understand.

One Gooch dug up:

this guys rubbish:

Worse still:


check the kid:

And here it is, download and try it forself at home.
Dj Coone-The Return
(this is going to be all over highland radio in like a year isnt it.)


Seven days untill the Nintendo Wii's out.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Paris Hilton

Me and Brian hit Habitat last night cause Laura got an invite to this fancy christmas instore thing.
There was free wine and we ended up trying to see who could drink the most.
I managed eight glasses and got clean fucked.
we then bought two bottles of wine on the way home.
Im now wasting my day at home sitting around in a bathrobe with a fucking huge big hangover.
VINCENT GALLO-yes im lonely
(the guitar in this song is like my hangover condensed into sound)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Big Gay Electro Metal

Is quite a meaningless title. Now on to business;
1) The Album Leaf have been floating around my c.d. player for quite a while now. Soft and electronic, they've even been gifted the prescence of Sigur Ros' lead singer on one of their numbers. Check 'em out:

The Album Leaf - Always For You

2) There are some cracking mixtapes over at Tape.

3) And finally, Alex Smoke (above). Is there anything Glasgow can't do? He's even got the tracky thing going on (should be Kappa though). I probably won't get to see him in the TBMC on the 1st of December, but for all you Dub based bloggers it should be a quality night out. The chances are that i'll miss Dino Jr. down here as well, all because of these poxy exam things. Super-gay.

Alex Smoke - Snider

Serious business LOL

I've been quiet on here due to college stuff me being incredibly lazy. I have this place now. I don't know where I'm going with it (it was just a project for college) but, hey, it's there, so check it.

Whatcha do, whatca do

And some music
Me, Tugboat and Piaris are big fans of the Scsi-9. Been bangin Mini for close to two years now, and every track I hear by them just seems to top the last.
SCSI-9:Señorita Tristeza

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Chrimbo, etc.

(Still from the 1999 TV movie Olive The Other Reindeer)

Could I be a little premature on this one? I dunno, the whole impending thing of Christmas has really dawned on me in the last week, it just seems to creep up every year and then BAM, before ya know it you're getting drunk and watching Home Alone and Jingle All the Way whilst getting fat on the couch.

Anyway, before it becomes open season for blogs to post Christmas tracks (which will probably be every blog posting some Sufjan Stevens festive cover) I thought I'd throw my festive hat into the big boiling pot of festive hats early.

ARAB STRAP - (Christmas) Baby, Please Come Home

JOHN WILLIAMS - Christmas Star
NATHAN FAKE - Silent Night
THE DRIFTERS - I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas
JOHNNY MATHIS - It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas
LOW - Just Like Christmas

And fuck it, I couldn't resist:
WHAM! - Last Christmas
PAUL MC CARTNEY - Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

BONUS: One can but only dream to have moves like this odd bunch of Northern Europeans...

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Who wants to be a hippy part deux

As Tugboat promised in his review below, here's some dodgy photos I took at Wrong music's rave like a bastard night in the front page last night.

"Who wants to be a hippie anyway?"

(Smoky photo by Claire)

Oh my! Chevvers and Fluxxy (that's him there in the skeleton costume) of Wrong Music rolled into Belfast last night and - as expected - blew our fucking heads off with their impossibly fun mix of happy hardcore, gabber, speedcore, breakcore, insert-pretty-much-anything-here-core and general mayhem, all cranked up to 111 on a marvellously loud soundsystem (I only noticed how fucked up my hearing was when I flushed the toilet this morning and could barely hear the water).

The support, local boyos Brian & Baxter, got it all ramped up with some wicked acid gubbins, before Chevron took over and ramped the beats per minute up by a few dozen. Oen Flux lived up to that Discogs profile pic as a savage mentalist, and banged our brains up silly with bangers that I would doubt ever dipped below 200BPM the whole night. Highlights included random cheesy pop hits reinforced with crushing speedcore bass kicks, something that featured the Byker Grove theme, and Technohead's "I Wanna Be a Hippie", sped up even faster than usual. (As Fluxxy put it, "Who wants to be a hippie anyway? I like having a house." Too true.) He also played a tune dedicated to his girlfriend - who, if Chevron is to be believed, weighs 25 stone. She must be into breakcore too. And, with all the fun that we had last night, I can't possibly blame her.

Now get spastic and turn this up as loud as it fucking goes.

PS: More top pics soon hopefully.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

gordan the gopher

Jesus, I am tired.
This tracks ace, full of dreamy melodies and bombast.
Who am I kidding, its a fucking top notch tune.
Marden Hill-Bardot

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Harder(er) and Better(er)

These are real hot. The acoustic version of 'Boy From School' is nothing other than magic, bangin' electronica turned to miserbalist indie, in the best possible way. The other is just a fine old remix of Daft Punk which you might have heard before, probably years ago, but may want to hear again.


Hot Chip - Boy From School (acoustic)

Monday, November 20, 2006

ill sleep in your bed.

EL-P watch continues,new track off his new longplayer is on on his myspace.
Looks like its dropping in hard copy form on March 20th.

Lullaby For The Working Class - "Hypnotist"

This is one of my favorite bands. I don't have any of their recordings. I've only heard a few of their songs. This is the only one that I've heard all of. It's made up of cool people like Al and Mike Mogis and Ted Stevens, who I missed seeing last year because I came home to get drunk with Conor and Daniel. I'm gonna try go see Nina Nastasia and William Elliot Whitmore this week. I'll try post a review of the gig later. Very tired!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I'll Show Your Punk-Rock Ass

(Photo by Laura)

It appears to be snowing outside. Oh wait... no, it's stopped. Anyway, it's cold as a motherfucker. Home for the weekend again, supposed to be doing work, instead spending too much time on the interweb and listening to tunes. Specifically loads of (relatively) old tunes on CDs I hadn't brought up to college with me. CDs! Who uses them these days?

Oh, first, as continuity: something I mentioned last weekend, a tune from Markus Guentner's 1981 EP from last year on Kompakt...

MARKUS GUENTNER - Hi-Jacked (Kompakt; 2005; 1981 EP)

More more more! This time, more Low. A tune from their collaboration with the Dirty Three from a few years ago, as part of the In the Fishtank series. Like a dustier, more weather-beaten Low, or the Dirty Three with a husband and wife singing duo. Basically, it works.

LOW & THE DIRTY THREE - When I Called Upon Your Seed (Konkurrent; 2001; In The Fishtank)

Another beautiful combination of male & female voice is heard in this following cover of Pavement's "Stop Breathin'", part of the Pavement tribute CD Everything Is Ending Here which came out on Italian label Homesleep in 2003. Taking Pavement's college intellect and bringing it all down home...

BOXSTEP - Stop Breathin' (Homesleep; 2003; Everything Is Ending Here)

Kurt Wagner will show your punk rock ass.

LAMBCHOP - My Face Your Ass (City Slang; 1997; Thriller)

Another staple of my musical diet a few years back was what the critics call post-rock. Fridge (whose line-up includes one Kieran Hebden) do a neat line on the more experimental fringe of that scene, and have a new album scheduled for January 2007. From the album Happiness from 2000, this tune (as we've come to expect from Four Tet) is a nice, messy-yet-together romp around the studio. More Fridge MP3s are available from their webshite.

FRIDGE - Drums Bass Sonics and Edit (Domino; 2000; Happiness)

Back to America, where Jim Jones and friends are trying to break your heart.

MY MORNING JACKET - Come Closer (Wichita; 2002; Sweatbees EP)

And finally, our adventure takes us home to Germany. Michaela Grobelny, aka M.I.A., made this deep, warm piece of minimal techno, which featured on Craig Richards' Fabric 15.

M.I.A. - River (Trapez; 2003; River)

QUICK EDIT: Charlie Brooker does his run-down of the contestants in the new I'm A Celebrity...: "Fuck him, this is Anstis we're talking about, not Hawking or a Beatle. Human civilisation might just survive his passing."

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Up Up, and Away

It's taken me a long time to get these two tracks out from under my needles, so at long last:

Luftkluster/Luftfluks is the latest alias under which Nina Canell and Robin Watkins (or canell&watkins) have been operating. Their music has always been close to my heart, from the fey pop of Cat & Dog Dialogue to last years more experimental New Heat/Obscured By Light opus. I particularly like the ramshackle, almost on the verge of breaking, sound which they manage to shape into songs for you and me. It's also kind of refreshing to hear a kind of electronic music being made without a computer chip in sight (no disrespect to computers). Anyone who lives in the Dublin area should make every attempt to check out their live show, which is definitely one of the better things going on, particularly when pared with a skinny wolves night.

Eye Myth -Luftkluster/Luftfluks [oscillatone]

Stand On The Word comes from the Larry label, about which any information is nigh on impossible to find. As far as I can intuit all they release are unbelievable heavenly bangers that leave you wondering why the nuns never made you sing like this in school. Recorded in good old 1982, at -thank you Boomkat- the First Baptist Church in Crown Heights, New York City by the Celestial Choir. Released only among the congregation, some pioneering dj managed to get his hands on it and bring the good news to us.

Stand On The Word -Celestial Choir
(apologies if sound is not fantastic had to rip it from vinyl with decidedly dodge connections)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Low Fog

Forgot all about this 'til I found it on my contuter this very minute. I actually wasn't incredibly fond of it when I first heard it a month or two ago, but it's come back around to hit me on the head with its firm wallop of quality, calling me a very silly boy indeed for not believing. Beautiful building guitars and synths add layers of complexity and wistfulness to an originally quite menacing tune (I thought it was menacing at least).

The wonderful Low, as remixed by the wonderful Fog.

LOW - Monkey (Fog remix) [Chair Kickers' Union; 2005; Tonight The Monkeys Die (Low Remixes)]

EDIT: See also Comfort Music, who have the Bob Mould version up, a much jauntier affair.


(Photo by Liam.)
Has Borat quoting started to grate yet? I don't think so, but give it a week or two. At least it's actually milk-squirting-out-the-nose hilarious, and not... I dunno, Family Guy or something. (Do people quote Family Guy? I wouldn't know. I'm out of whatever loops that nerds tend to be in.) NICE!

Anyway, while I'm still in the jolly mood that I am today* - some recommendations. Check out Undomondo, first off just generally (presumably you cool cats are already 10 steps ahead of me), but in particular, this post about Markus Guentner - whose "popified deep minimal" tunes (better description than I could come up with) from this here album are running a lovely kind of riot around my brain. I would have posted up a tune off his 1981 EP on Kompakt from last year, but it would mean ripping it from vinyl, and I think I'm glued to this chair. A much more straight ahead (albeit Schaffeled-up) affair than the intricate stylings of this newer album.

*Surprising, given that I'm a bit hungover (when am I ever not, really though?), broke as a badger, and meant to be doing loads of work for college. But sure fuck it. If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.

Also, pick up the Sleeparchive remix of Modeselektor's "Dancing Box" over at The Book I Read if you get a chance. Minimal in a loud, bangy way, and more... piledrivey (not a word, according to Firefox's spell-checker) than the original. Needs to be played full blast, I'd wager. If you had any Funktion Ones lying around gathering dust, I reckon they'd do it justice. (For such a quality product, that is an incredibly tacky website.)

Anyway, what the fuck am I on about now? Oh yeah. I haven't seen an awful lot of really good video blogs (haven't really been looking either, to be honest) but this one seems pretty top drawer. It's got a wide range of stuff, old and new, lotsa live stuff, and it's from whence this following video of The Band came.

EDIT: Just noticed we now have our 10th contributor - welcome Kathy!

Sunday Tracks

I'm going to see the Divine Comedy (?) tonight in Derry with the girlfriend. Have some bangin tracks that been in rotation for me the last while:

OVUCA - Luppa Penguine
DIMITRI FROM PARIS - Sacré Français! (HOT)


It takes 3 minutes to kick in, but when it does... lovely jubbly.

ALEX UNDER - Fortuito (Plus 8; 2006; Collage)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

"The Contents Don't Squirt In Your Face"

I was gonna head to a party in a shit bowling alley, but decided that I'd rather sit in front of the internet and let my ever-so-slightly hungover head get back to full strength before I subject it to another arbitrary round of assault-by-booze. And so now I'm being barraged with texts asking where I am and calling me "hoss" for some reason. Ah well.

Anyway, another sufficiently excellent adventure under the belt, and concomitantly, another ridiculous amount of money that I hadn't even earned myself squandered on booze, fags, kebabs, hungover Subways, one particularly expensive train - 34 of the Queen's finest pounds for a wee trip from Norwich to London? WTF, yo? - and the various other elements it takes for a shindig these days. Tiring indeed, but we were spoiled for fun. Much thanks to our man RTW and the good lady Rachael for being such fine hosts and bringers of the good times.

As Daniel detailed below, Norwich was all about the 'Strap and our own classic hardcore levels of boozing. Not knowing what to expect from the fine city, I was more than impressed by its lovely old style and winding streets. Plus the Students' Union at the Art College is fucking well Jackson. Certainly the most ace Union I've been in in my 21 years on the planet (not that I've been in very many, but still). Norwich has plenty fine drinking establishments, some nice record shops (in one of which I found My My's fine new tech-house long-player Songs For The Gentle - check below for a tune, plus there's a nice interview with them over here), and overall a very friendly buzz about the place. Plus, what was the place called, The Olive Tree? Well, whatever it was, they do a mean line in late-night drunken kebabs. Plus, Rob's living room is blessed with some surprisingly comfortable couches for the old 40-winks. (Thieves looking for a good night's rest but unwilling to lug an entire bed frame and mattress around, take note.)

And so the third time in about six months we'd seen Arab Strap was probably the best. An excellent set, start to finish, lots of enthusiasm and silly chatter from us (particularly our skinny blond friend), and they paid us back in kind with a thumpingly good performance.

We said our goodbyes to the lads and the kitten (have they settled on a name yet Rob?) and caught a painfully expensive train to London town, where our dear Rachael was waiting patiently for a jaunt to Fabric. A few things Dano didn't mention: we actually gave up on the Fabric queue to begin with, when it seemed impossibly long; the whole thing was starting to look like the line ride from South Park when we joined a different queue for some shithole club round the corner. An hour later and we get called up to go in, but the bouncers don't like the look of us in our trackie jackets. A blessing in disguise, because we just go right back to the Fabric queue, which at about 1:30 in the morning is now around 3 hours long, and working on a 1-in, 1-out basis. Who better to have with you in a queue than Rachael though, who somehow manages to find friendly Irish people - heck, just friendly people - everywhere she goes. And boom! Half an hour later, we were in.

As you'd expect, the soundsystem was off the fucking chain - knocking my head off with every thump of a kick drum. The tunes were top notch of course - 2 Many DJs held the vast majority of the crowd under their silly spell in Room One, I think it was Vitalic most of the time in Room Two (with an unbelievable laser!), and Shitrobot and The Juan Maclean* were plowing a more underground furrow in Room Three.

(*Those two are kicking it right now in The Stiff Kitten back in Belfast, and were it not for my indiscrimination with cash and booze I would be there no doubt. Not to worry. Anybody see 'em in Dublin last night?)

Back to Boring Old Belfast this week and the rain and generally partyless vibes were quashed somewhat by fond memories, plenty new tunes (see below), plus news of good things on the horizon: thanks to diston, Belfast's finest (only?) promoters of electronica, Chevron and Oen Flux (!) of the hilarious spazcore noise brigade Wrong Music are returning to town this day two weeks, with a show going under the brilliant name "Rave Like a Bastard". Don't mind if we do! Check the flyer. December 9th, meanwhile, sees Warp's Chris Clark roll into town, presumably promoting that new album of his, which is apparently proper boshty. (Flya.) Meanwhile, in Galway right now, Fionn should be giving it a sock or two for Nightmoves, about whom I've heard nothing but good things. A visit to Galway is long-overdue.

A funny video of a stupid twat:

And a tune or two...

CHRIS CLARK - Rob Lee (Warp Records; 2003; Ceramics is the Bomb)

MY MY - Half a Hole (Playhouse; 2006; Songs For The Gentle)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Too much lovin

(Edited for utterly appalling grammar and terrible spelling, 10/11/2006. Hugs and raspberries, Tugboat.)

This post is well overdue, mainly because I had some hot video action to show, but encountered problems with puttin them on youtube, but mostly because I'm still recovering from the intense concentrated brilliance of last weekend.

So me and Tugboat, after much travelling and fatiguedness, got ourselfs down to Rob's in Norwich, which resulted in concentrated alcohol consumption, covering many of the scenic little haunts of Norwich (a bangin wee town I reckons). We met Rob's friendly folk, who are some downright lovely people, and drew all over the walls of the bathroom and each other. When we retreated to Rob's we consumed more alcohol and low class drugs I purchased for a modest sum before passing out on the couch.

Arab strap next. The set began as it had at the recent Galway and Belfast gigs I attended, starting with "Stink", "Fucking Little Bastards", "Dream Sequence" and "If There's No Hope For Us", before diverting into material from the Ten Years of Tears comp ("I Saw You", "Gilded") and then dipping into the fucking class A material before treating us with a stunning finale of The First Big Weekend (YES!) and returning with an acoustic encore, leaving us with a stirring rendition of "The Shy Retirer".

Fantastic gig, let down slightly by the fucking hardon in a cardigan brigade, notably that strange looking monkey boy thing (amusingly, taken on by Rob on all counts). Annoyingly, I have a sizeable portion of the gig filmed in quite good quality, though the files are too large for YouTube.

So yes, from there we kicked things into overdrive. I ripped my trousers up (being highly intoxicated) and we threw our hot sexy bodies all over the town of Norwich.

Note the crude tattoos on Rob's body (Brits out, Nazi symbol). Not pictured: huge crudely drawn Red Hand of Ulster on Rob's back.

With that done, Tugboat and I made our way to London to visit our good friend and Letterkenny compatriot, Rachael Monaghan. The plan was to hit the legendary Fabric, what with a lineup that included Vitalic, Zombie Nation, 2 Many DJs, Manhead, Shitrobot and The Juan Maclean (in the one fucking night).

I was fucking knackered after the previous two night's binging so an order of Special Brew and 9 pills of Pro Plus would fit the bill (I recommend pro plus to nobody). We hit the underground trains. I pissed in public a hell of a lot without getting arrested (I pissed in a wine bottle in the train too. C'mon, it was a two hour journey).

When we finally got to Fabric, the queue was FUCKING MASSIVE. Tugboat then bought some (EDITED: because Tugboat thinks his mammy or the Gardai will read this, naw, im kiddin thuggys, glove you [DOUBLE EDITED: Go fuck yourself. Love, Tuggers]) off a (EDITED: casual racism, Daniel, you scumbag) lady in the queue which resulted in a rather pleasant half hour.

AFTER FOUR FUCKING HOURS - yeah I said it, FOUR FUCKING HOURS IN A FUCKING QUEUE, we got into Fabric thanks to Rachael's efforts to skip the queue by about two hours with her skills of immense party). And by FUCK IT WAS AMAZING.

The next morning was horrible for me.
The end.

Quoff this:
ARAB STRAP -The Shy Retirer (acoustic, from the tour only last single, 'ave it)

The Things That Used To Turn Me On

Since i'm supposed to be writing one of many many overdue assingments, it seems a perfect time to post about the goings on here in Galwayland.

Andrew Weatherall is playing here on Saturday in the Vic, a shitty little nightclub that usually contains just us and a handful of knackers, but hopefully it'll be jammers this weekend. I have a sneaking suspicion that i've seen him during some wasted festival weekend, but it's all a bit hazy. Looking forward to this though. One band that shan't be playing here however, is LCD Soundsystem, who've just announced a 17 date tour of the U.K. and Europe which doesn't include any dates in Ireland.

I bought the first Hot Chip album last week, alongside Arab Strap's farewell record, 'Ten Years of Tears', and, unsurprisingly, they're both excellent. I also finally got "my" four-track working so hopefully that will lead to more wasted study time and perhaps even some musical output of our own. I also downloaded Joanna Newsom's disapointing, if somewhat unhinged second album. Her debut ,'Milk Eyed Mender' may well contain my favourite set of lyrics but the production ruins it's follow up. The song below closes her debut and, gay as it sounds, is one of my all time favourites.

Hot Chip - Sexual Healing

Joanna Newsom - Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie

Arab Strap - Kate Moss (live)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Collective Bargaining

The Animal Collective are my favourite band. Here's a track from their Australian Tour EP which might be getting a worldwide release, I'm not sure.
01. People
02. Tikwid
03. My Favorite Colours
04. People (Live)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Always watching LOST

  1. This weeks gigage was courtesy of M Ward and I must say he was really, really impressive. I'm sure fellow blog contributor Brian could do a much better job of talking about him than I ever could so I'll leave that for him to do at some stage in the future. You should try and get your hands on his latest album 'Post-War' though. The support act The Basement, who's lead singer is from Omagh, were also top notch, you should definitly check out the tunes on their myspace.
    M Ward - Right In The Head

  2. John Tejada has a new album out called 'Cleaning Sounds Is A Filthy Business' and it is one fucking squelchy slice of minimal techno. You might know him from his remix of the Postal Service's Such Great Heights as his Wikipedia article says.
    John Tejada - Clever Bunch
    John Tejada - Mutation

  3. I was really looking forward to the new Joakim album on the strength of what I'd heard from him before. His previous single Teenage Kiss, his remixes of Annie's Always Too Late and DJ T's A Guy Called Jack and his edit of Tiga's (Far From) Home and others all knock pretty hard. However, I have some bad news, 'Monsters and Silly Songs' wait...actually, it's listenable but i expected more. I think there's at least one or two songs I can salvage from it:
    Joakim - I Wish You Were Gone
    Joakim - Rocket Pearl

  4. I really wish i had time to post about Mac Dre on Wednesday :(
    He died on the 1st November 2004 and was dope as hell. This first track is essential.
    Mac Dre & Mac Mall - Dredio ft. E-40
    Mac Dre - 2 Hard 4 The Fuckin Radio

  5. Fluokids are biting my style.
    They did post this track just today though. Sinden is on fire as usual:
    Epic Man ft. Plan B - More Is Enough (Sinden Remix)
    Here, have the original too (it's a little less crazy):
    Epic Man ft. Plan B - More Is Enough

  6. <3

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Down with more than one Shindig

I'll be playing pop music of the "urban" variety in Crawdaddy (Bar) all night this Thursday at Club Shindig (i guess when you're reading this it'll be "tonight"). I don't know how i got myself in this situation. Come along and laugh at my skillz. Plus, if you're in Dublin and know me, get at me for the guestlist.

I've been listening to lots of music too, I think there'll be a post from me on Friday or Saturday.

EDIT: It was an experience. I played some good tracks, even went a little baltimore club on their asses and for the most part the people danced. I need to practice playing one song after another though, yessir.