Thursday, October 12, 2006

ugly nosed twat******EDIT

Me and Brian and the ladies moved into a hot new house in belfast and threw the mother of all parties on tuesday night, thus further fucking up our lives.
Still, on the topic of parties, its Mark Dunions 21st in arena 7 this saturday which I shall sadly be djing, yes, you heard, that clashes with daithi, dexter and alkan, but anybody who cant afford/be arsed/cant get into derry should come along and get mighty thrashed to celebrate.

EDIT*** durnings isnt tomorrow its next month, shows how much i actually listen to him.
turns out me and tuggies gonna try and hit the nerve center tomorrow night.

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Tugboat said...

What a shocking pity it isn't on tomorrow. Maybe I'll unfortunately have to be out of the country when Nov 14th rolls around...