Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Mogwai!

Mogwai's soundtrack to the Zidane documentary (or "21st century portait", whatever that means) is out soon and they're in healthy form.

Mogwai - 7:25

Mogwai: Black Spider


Daithi said...

over on my blog we're having a 'great covers of velvet underground songs' type thing so all suggestions welcome, just head on over to arts and parts (link to the side somewhere there on the right) make the suggestion and I'll hunt the song down and skin it, flail it and post it. or indeed if anyone wants to mail me a cover they've done themselves? chiba eircom net dot -rearrange for my email address.

apologies aiden for hijacking the mogwai thing! like the tunes tho!!

nialler9 said...

noice... thanks

KickAcid said...


Tugboat said...

Did they soundtrack the Zidane thing? Class! I saw a few clips of that. It's basically just a camera following him for the entire 90 minutes of a match, innit?

(I thought the word verification said frydaily, but it was actually frydaiiy. Close though.)

magooo said...

yeah, loads and loads of cameras though. i forget how many.