Monday, October 30, 2006

Galway's Freaky New Scene

After the shattering disappointment that was the Go! Team's last minute cancellation, Galway has redeemed itself with the announcement that Dinosaur Jr. will be playing the Warwick on the 12th of December as part of a two date Irish stop-over. Although I've only ever been a casual fan, they strike me as one of those bands that will be head bangingly fantastic live and, of course anyone's welcome down. I'll even put Fionn's couch on offer! Here's a J- mascis mp3 (i'm too tired/sick to search for Dinosaur Jr.) Apologies for the cheese dripped headline by the way.

J. Mascis + The Fog- Sameday (mp3)


KickAcid said...

ahhhhhhh, sweet jesus, im there.

Tugboat said...


thomas said...

the go! team are on my enemies list now.
dinosaur jr. though,
it'll be class!

Daithi said...

saw dinosaur jr back in 1990 or therabouts in mcgonagles in Dublin (legendary venue), awesome although j mascis has to be the laziest guitar player I've ever seen! He couldnt be arsed playing half the riffs and it still sounded brilliantly!!

Daithi said...

woo hoo!!! just found out one of my best mates is promoting the Dublin show!!!!! its on the 11th in the temple bar music centre, I am there!!!! cool, I am going to meet j mascis!!!! (sorry loss of control groupie moment there!)

Timo does a lot of cool shows check out

Aidan, mostly said...

Come on down sure, mess the town up a bit.