Wednesday, October 11, 2006


  1. Welcome to Jamrock 2006?
    Collie Budz - Come Around

  2. Shoreline are a "UK/Italio duo who wear their Newsom, Bunyan and Nadler badges with pride". They released their debut 10" back in April but I've just got my hands on the tracks and their "whimsical folk" has been making my life better for the last week :)
    Shoreline - Shipwrecked
    Shoreline - Kings

  3. Watching.

  4. Tracks in my iTunes I discovered I'd overlooked:
    Vitalic - You Are My Sun
    Blockhead - Alright ft. Cage

  5. Posting that Blockhead track reminds me that El-P's blog is still going strong.

  6. Play this at your next house party. Hot mix from Simian Mobile Disco (yay!) courtesy of NME (boo!). Track list in the comments.


magooo said...

1. Sebastian - Ross Ross Ross
2. Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen (Justice remix)
3. Zongamin - Bongo Song
4. Mystery Jets - Crosswords
5. The Gossip - Standing in The Way of Control (Soulwax Night Version)
6. The Emporer Machine - Seka Wants Your VCS3
7. Klaxons - Magick (Simian Mobile Disco mix)
8. Datarock - Fa-Fa-Fa
9. Material - SecretLife
10. Para One - Du Dun-Dun
11. These New Puritans - Elvisss (demo)
12. ShitDisco - I Know Kung Fu (James Fod Edit)
13. Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler
14. Digitalism - Jupiter Room (Martian Assult edit)
15. Hot Chip - Boy from School (Erol Alkan extended rework)

Daithi said...

talking of erol alkan playing with him this sat night in the nerve centre! nervous wouldnt be in it...
liking the collie budz a lot magoo, where you sourcing the reggae online? cheers Daithi

robvanhalen said...

that gossip track is hott, i would even concider throwing that fat singer a bone, cos her voice is sexy. pity she dives muff

Daithi said...

love the m i a track, mind i couldnt get their galang galang out of my head for months! in fact oging to listen to it now...

dkln said...

i have all of those tracks already. Datarock is pure rad, check out Computer Camp Love as well. Rob, do you have the ATOC remix of Listen Up by the Gossip? even hotter than that not a huge fan of the Alkan remix of Hot Chip though

Niall said...

Nice one on the heads up for the EL-P blog. Didn't know he had one

dekln said...

did anyone else find the massive tumour hilarious?

magooo said...

haha, yup!

KickAcid said...

aces, i seen that nme in the shops and i had a voucher to get it for i dont need to cause its shite, yay.

Tugboat said...