Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Got Mashed in 2006

Picture by Cian

The much-yearned-for partying season got back into full swing from last Friday. Those of us in Belfast ramped it up in a leisurely, tortoise-paced style for Lambchop, but followed it with the full-on techno workout (seriously, I felt like a million bucks the next morning) that was Magda at the Stiff Kitten. Back home, we heard reports of drunken disarray for Fionn's 21st celebrations on Friday night, meaning at least one of our team members on here missed the revelling boat that was the party in Ramelton on Saturday (Aidan, I'm looking in your hungover direction).

Daithi mentioned that he thought Lambchop were a bit self-indulgent when they played in Letterkenny those many moons ago. I was at that gig, and only getting into the 'Chop at that stage, and most of what I remember was people being annoyed and leaving. I must admit though, that while my tastes at that point were still firmly confined to the paddling pool of development, I liked what I heard. Since then, Lambchop have gone on to join that clubhouse in my brain for musical artists that I think will always be my favourites. I love Kurt Wagner's turn of phrase, I love their glorious warm instrumentation, and I love something they have which is very hard to find in a lot of music - subtlety. They didn't disappoint on Friday night, and I'll have to get my hands on the new album soon, because what they played from it sounds fantastic. Highlight of the show, for me at least, was "My Blue Wave" and "The Daily Growl", two of my favourite songs, both from one of my favourite albums, Is A Woman.

Post-Lambchop, we legged it to The Stiff Kitten, where Phil Kieran was whipping the crowd up like cream for the appearance of Magda. Her straight-up techno set was a joy to behold, and tough work for the old dancing stamina. Plenty of ideas for what would turn out to be my utterly incompetent spell on the ones-and-twos the following night.

And, for those of us who managed not to mangle ourselves with all the silly shenanigans, what fun we had. House parties are always the best parties. Add: (1) some marvellous costumes (I think Ian Paisley deserved the prize for best dressed), (2) delicious food, (3) horse-loads of booze, (4) stonking tunes (I somehow managed to get Audion and Alex Under rattling the walls, in spite of being what you might describe as out of my mind; Dano had the never-fail Kernkraft 400 and Four Tet's Arab Strap remix as just a few of his highlights), and (5) practically all your best friends, as well as some new ones, and hey presto, you've got a night to remember...

Roll on En-ger-land...


James Holdens new longplayer "idiots are winning" is out.
Its a lovely wee bit of Techno, Have an mp3 and be sure to pick it up, I got it for only 9 bucks in virgin megastore.

EDIT:mp3 later, zshares down and could I be fucked.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Galway's Freaky New Scene

After the shattering disappointment that was the Go! Team's last minute cancellation, Galway has redeemed itself with the announcement that Dinosaur Jr. will be playing the Warwick on the 12th of December as part of a two date Irish stop-over. Although I've only ever been a casual fan, they strike me as one of those bands that will be head bangingly fantastic live and, of course anyone's welcome down. I'll even put Fionn's couch on offer! Here's a J- mascis mp3 (i'm too tired/sick to search for Dinosaur Jr.) Apologies for the cheese dripped headline by the way.

J. Mascis + The Fog- Sameday (mp3)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

its all down hill from here (friday night)

sup yall. just a small note to say that im doin a bit of 21st birthday celebratin on friday along with Conal McGonigle in his gaff so anyone and everyone is welcome out. we'll be headin into town then probably for some disco dancin. see ye's on friday


A free mix thats been floating around the internet by blockhead, nothing special but its a hell of alot better than his last album.
Stick it on if your doing housework.
Blockheadmix (right click, save as.)

EDIT:the mix is actually quite good, Im just in a bit of a funk at the moment.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


If you followed this blog at all you'd realise how much I miss the mighty Arab Strap, and after much searching of the interweb I can safely say we are the first blog to offer the
It features as the B-side on Their last commercial release "There is no ending" as a limited 7" which is out next monday, so pick it up will ya.
Its quite minimal for a four tet remix, but I wont spoil it with words, jus listen.
Fan-boy rant over.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


something to fill the void

1.Dead mans shoes is on channel four tonight at 23:05,for those that have yet to see it and again for those who have.
2.Arab straps Ten years of tears compilation is out,go get it. Mp3 here.
3.Buck 65 has two free track posted up on his myspace page, I havent listened to them yet cause I aint got my headphones, so I could be directing you to shite.
4.Im loving the new squarepusher album.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Friday Night w/Tugboat

EDIT: It looks like I'm copying Gooch's numbered posting style, but I just think it's a useful technique, is all.

DOUBLE EDIT: Hey look, in case you don't know how to scroll down the screen, check it out: Gooch posted just before me. And Brian before that. And, before that again, Aidan posted, and so on. Now, on with the show.

1. "Art is created by artists so that the viewer has the opportunity to create something," said Brian Eno, said Jason Kottke. I love those apparently simple insights that give you a completely different perspective on things. Brian Eno seems to be especially good at them. Kurt Vonnegut's another.

2. "The first thing we're going to need is a kick drum, because without a kick drum, it's going to sound shit."

The Museum of Techno's YouTube videos.

3. Man to Man with Dean Lerner (Fridays, C4 11.05pm): a. Incredibly irritating audience laughter; b. Stilted acting in the interview (although maybe that was intentional?); c. Funny for the badly produced 80s cut scenes - basically where they redo Darkplace. d. So if the funny bit is redoing the old show, what's the point, really?

TODD RIVERS - One Track Lover (Original 12") (Thanks, Declan)

4. More weighty concerns: I saw Gavin Bryars' "The Sinking Of The Titanic" performed this week at Queen's by the Smith String Quartet through the floor beneath me. Beautiful. You can hear it in the video below.

As I sat and listened I was wondering why the name rang a bell - then, halfway through the next piece, it hit me:

GAVIN BRYARS - Raising the Titanic [Aphex Twin's Big Drum mix] (From 26 Mixes for Cash)

5. Coincidences. The next day the Dublin Guitar Quartet were playing at Queen's, and performed pieces by Steve Reich and Philip Glass as well as the one they do below, and a few others.

Meanwhile, just yesterday, Jason Kottke (see point 1) talked about Steve Reich (his piece "New York Counterpoint" for clarinets is what's playing in the video below), with particular reference to his use of phasing. Today, TAPE have an interview with Canadian techno producer Mathew Jonson where he talks about the related idea of polyrhythms: "...different instruments playing in different time signatures at the same time creating long phrases in music that repeat at certain points in the phrase. 4/4 over 6/8 for example at the same tempo".

Head here and download "India in Me" by Cobblestone Jazz, one of Jonson's group projects. It's in a similar vein to his tune "Marionette", where the off-kilter repetition seems like it could go on forever. Meanwhile, a Coldcut remix of Steve Reich's "Music for 18 Musicicians" is lying around over here.

Funk Carioca is the new punk rock...

...and matching tracksuits are a must.
plus, i didn't want to post anything after Brian's last post...but:

  1. It's been a good week. I got to see Datarock on Wednesday and Bonde Do Role on Thursday (both for free!). Datarock were the crazy, dancing, red hooded tracksuit wearing Norwegians i expected and Bonde Do Role were simply amazing, the most fun EVER! Marina spent more time writhing on the ground and dancing with the normal folk than on stage and she crowd surfed for the first time since breaking her arm crowd surfing. DJ Gorky played all the hits too and I just couldn't help smiling the whole way through.. Everyone missed out, such a small crowd.
    Also, nialler9 was there.
    Some tracks that have been on every blog already:
    Datarock - Fa Fa Fa
    Bonde Do Role - Melo Do Vitiligo
    Cansei De Ser Sexy - A La La (DJ Gorky Remix)

  2. Did I say Roland Pemberton aka Cadence Weapon is my favourite rapper? After a finished but scrapped concept album about "housing" (yeah, I don't know how that would work either) he's releasing an album of party tracks about hipsters, in a "Basement Jaxx" stylee, in the first quarter of next year. I always see him in my neighbours on last.fm, so we're practically best buds too. Here's some tracks from his album Breaking Kayfabe that was released December last year.
    Cadence Weapon - Black Hand
    Cadence Weapon - Sharks
    Cadence Weapon - Vicarious

  3. You can download a slightly different version (turbo) of the new M.I.A. track on Diplo's myspace now and Diplo's forthcoming release on Uppercuts "shhake it up" (<---listen to it on their myspace) is incredibly essential for any party.

  4. There's an Institubes blog now (for a while it would seem).

    There might be a point 5 at some stage, I feel like I'm forgetting something, possibly on youtube but it's being a bitch right now.

    Edit: It could have been this:

  5. I think this is the best free tv show site I've seen.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I was dreaming when I wrote this so forgive me if it goes astray. I've haven't always been a fan of Prince Rogers Nelson, I mean how could I be, he hails from a completely different era than myself. I have faint memories of wondering into the room of one of my friends teenage sisters room when I was about seven and discovering the walls were completely plastered with the man, if I recall correctly it was the sort of thing were she had just cut out magazine pictures and had herself fashioned his name from green and orange neon papers which she had I supposed purchased in toyland. At the time I knew little of him and pretty much thought of him as laughable I mean the cat was pretty out there. Seeing him and the revolution on stage has always reminded me of jayce and the wheeled warriors I mean they seem like they’d make a great band of intergalactic space pirates.

It wasn't until I was about fifteen that I discovered just what a talented guy he was. It pretty much started with seeing the video to purple rain, I of course had seen him before on tv what with all the "artist formerly known as" malarky, but it wasn't until then that I discovered his unique appeal. It's the combination of technical musicianship, great song writing, the fact that he gives his performances absolutely everything he’s got and just the fact that you can surrender yourself to his massive ego, bizarre image permanent position as an eighties synth poster boy. Part of it is about the hilarity of it all I mean he was once pelted of the stage when opening for the rolling stones because all he was wearing was high heels, a trench coat and female underwear and I constantly find myself laughing at his insane and insanely dirty lyrics, but it's in a good way I mean who else could write a song about a "raspberry beret" or have the gall to sing "I sincerely wan't to fuck the taste out of your mouth"(by the way it was because of prince that explicit lyric warning stickers were created). He claims he can write a song about anything and I have no reason to doubt him.

He’s released over 1000 songs for himself and others and I don't intend to diss the great Michael Jackson but how do you suppose he would have done back then without the production skills of Quincy, practically every single prince song ever released states "written, produced, composed and arranged by prince". The man is a force of nature and when purple rain was released he had the number one single, album and film in America, and also won an Oscar for best original score.

He has recorded an album with Miles Davis which has only ever been released as a bootleg, and had so many songs in him he barely knew what to do with them for example when the bangles hit number two on the US billboard chart with a previously unreleased prince song, Manic Monday it was second only to his own Kiss. He was the hardest working man in music in the eighties and one of the most prolific songwriters the world of pop music and hell I’ll bet he’s still got a few classics left in him yet. Anyway here’s a couple of great songs which if you haven’t heard are well worth a listen:

Prince - Pop Life(Fresh Dance Mix)

Prince - Baby I'm a Star

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Mogwai!

Mogwai's soundtrack to the Zidane documentary (or "21st century portait", whatever that means) is out soon and they're in healthy form.

Mogwai - 7:25

Mogwai: Black Spider

hold on to your hogals

Every NES game ever, with no emulator needed.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Morrissey - Suedehead


Saturday, October 14, 2006

"If you take drugs, I think you're a wiener"

My Bloody Valentine

That post about sofia coppola's new movie made me think about my bloody valentine, so i dug this interview out. kevin sheilds seems pretty lashed in it i think. i was gonna try beef this post out with a discription of my love for their music, but its hard to describe, my mate john did it best when he got loveless tattooed across his stomach. ha ha ha haaa aaah

Ah Jaysus Lads...

Gigs: you wait about a month for a single one and then a million come along at once. (See also Nialler's recent gig list for a more thorough, Dublin-centric take on things...)

27/10/2006 (Fri)

Mandela Hall, Belfast

Later that night...
The Stiff Kitten, Belfast

30/10/2006 (Mon)
Whitla Hall, Belfast

A quick swing by Dublin...
31/10/2006 (Tues)
CrawDaddy, Dublin

02/11/2006 (Thurs)
Olympia, Dublin

03/11/2006 (Fri)
Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich

04/11/2006 (Sat)
QUBSU, Belfast

Now, between (a) being borderline destitute, (b) having a fuckload of coursework to do, (c) needing to appease a variety of friends and their varying tastes (a gig's no fun by yourself, after all), and (d) just being quite woefully lazy, I doubt this plan of action will be fulfilled completely. That stretch between M. Ward and Shine looks particularly hazardous, what with a trip to Dublin in the middle of the college week, a plane journey to Norwich the day after Calexico and the frankly ludicrous thought of a return journey on the Saturday for a trip to Shine which most of the rest of the peeps aren't really all that pushed about. But anyway, Arab Strap is obviously a big draw, what with it being their farewell tour, as well as a fantastic excuse for some ridiculous cross-water partying with our boy Rob and perhaps our other expats.

Personally, I would be über-chuffed if I managed to get to the first three on my list there - Lambchop being one of my favourite bands, Mitchell and Webb two of my favourite comedians, and techno at the Stiff Kitten still a relatively unexplored goldmine. Plus, we've got an absolutely bumper house party to attend (and hopefully spin a tune or two at) back home the next night, so that's gonna be a weekend to remember I'd wager...

(On a completely unrelated note: check out the always excellent ManWhoFellAsleep's always excellent MySpace blog.)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Kevin Shields In Doing Something Shocker

I don't really get excited about film soundtracks very often but I guess that after 'The Virgin Suicides' and 'Lost In Translation', (two of my all time favourites) Sofia Coppolla's films are worthy exceptions. As usual Air and Kevin Shields chip in but this time the etheral dreaminess is acutely punctuated by sharp new-wave-post-punk bursts from the likes of New Order. Judging by these, it should be well worth checking out.

Windsor For The Derby - Melody Of a Fallen Tree

New Order-Age of Consent

Thursday, October 12, 2006

ugly nosed twat******EDIT

Me and Brian and the ladies moved into a hot new house in belfast and threw the mother of all parties on tuesday night, thus further fucking up our lives.
Still, on the topic of parties, its Mark Dunions 21st in arena 7 this saturday which I shall sadly be djing, yes, you heard, that clashes with daithi, dexter and alkan, but anybody who cant afford/be arsed/cant get into derry should come along and get mighty thrashed to celebrate.

EDIT*** durnings isnt tomorrow its next month, shows how much i actually listen to him.
turns out me and tuggies gonna try and hit the nerve center tomorrow night.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Puppet Bastard

this dude is going to be the next big thing, his popularity is growing superfast here in norwich. basically he plays all of todays hits through shitty litte speakers, therby remixing the songs in his own unique way. he even has his own dance, called the "walk on by" those chavs do a perticularly good rendition in this video. record out soon hopefully, apparently he is in talks with island. he is the new punk rock


  1. Welcome to Jamrock 2006?
    Collie Budz - Come Around

  2. Shoreline are a "UK/Italio duo who wear their Newsom, Bunyan and Nadler badges with pride". They released their debut 10" back in April but I've just got my hands on the tracks and their "whimsical folk" has been making my life better for the last week :)
    Shoreline - Shipwrecked
    Shoreline - Kings

  3. Watching.

  4. Tracks in my iTunes I discovered I'd overlooked:
    Vitalic - You Are My Sun
    Blockhead - Alright ft. Cage

  5. Posting that Blockhead track reminds me that El-P's blog is still going strong.

  6. Play this at your next house party. Hot mix from Simian Mobile Disco (yay!) courtesy of NME (boo!). Track list in the comments.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


New M.I.A., completely ridiculous, horn stabs, bmore breaks. 96kbps is the best we can do so far, still though.
M.I.A. - XR2

Monday, October 09, 2006

Funk Off and Sunk My Cunk

Dathi's comments about Parliament sent me on a bit of a funk kick this morning, which ended with me listening to this little gem... While I wouldn't really call it pure funk, it is pretty fuckin funky. Also it's nice to have a reminder that the year that I was born (1984), cats were scratching up bits of vinyl in an innovative way. I want the bassist's synth pedal. I'm still not convcinced that that Global Goon track is just a basic funk track though Daithi. Input very much appreciated though mate.

Quiet video of genius in altercation with knob

The Nancy Sinatra song down there at the bottom is another of my favorite songs. Written by this elderly music god, it has all I need: a time change, Norse mythology, a mafioso's daughter and a country tinge. These top two videos should provide knowledge yo!

Lee Hazlewood Interview 2006

Global Goon

Right this is one of my favorite songs ever, it sounds like nothing i have heard before, ive been looking for the album (family glue) for ages, ive heard loads of rumours about this guy, everything from him being aphex twin, to him serving ten years for stabbing some dude. this guy has made the most modern electronic music of our time. shut up and listen. by the way this is my first effort at posting a video, and i dont really know what im doing here. Soooooo here goes...

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Who knows if this is on the album. I guess we'll find out before Nov. 21st. JUST BLAAAZE.
Jay-Z - Show Me What You Got

Friday, October 06, 2006

I go out on friday night and I come home on saturday morning.

It's friday night, im drinking beers and watching tv whilst juggling this internet contraption.
Things are good.
Have a hot track.
Buck Owens-Act Naturally

Lots to see here

  1. I was going to post about Swan Lake last week but i thought i'd give Beast Moans a few listens first. Swan Lake is a new band featuring Daniel Bejar (Destroyer, New Pornographers), Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown) and Carey Mercer (Frog Eyes). I also thought about calling this post "indie hard on". The album's like a beginner's comp to all of their bands, not necessarily a bad thing. We're looking somewhere in the top 10 of my end of year list with this one.
    Swan Lake - All Fires
    Swan Lake - Are You Swimming In Her Pools?

  2. The video for Simian Mobile Disco's Hustler just came out. Probably the hottest dance track of the summer that never got played in any club ive been too :(. An innocent game of chinese whispers goes HORRIBLY wrong (videos nothing special, i just love the track). check the youtube (NSFW i guess).

  3. Hot gig announced this week: Klaxons and Switch are playing POGO @ POD, Dublin on Nov. 11th. I guess thats an excuse for me to post tracks huh. My favourite track from the Klaxons and 2 new less blogged about Switch remixes.
    Klaxons - Atlantis to Interzone
    Bugz In The Attic - Don't Stop The Music (Switch Remix)
    Lily Allen - LDN (Switch Remix)

  4. "The Departed's out on Friday, yo. Which is today, I guess. Di Caprio actually seems to have pulled off a Boston accent, and Nicholson looks the shit. Even takes out a huge dildo for a scene, apparently. Also, might be Scorsese's last gangster movie (though he's probably lying). It's the new "Heat"....y'all should see it." (credit: Shane Moore)

  5. All i hear is "Sidewalk University riddim". Also, in a similar reggae thing (ting): I dont know what this is (colour me stupid) but i found this track (3 mixes of it) on Diplo's maddecent label's server. It was there and then a while later it dissappeared. I dont have anymore info on it though (edit: may have been on his Fabric mix too), so just check it:
    Diplo - Notorious (Busy Mix)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

nothing to see here

hyperactive spank ro' remix that's soundtracked my morning is all.

sidney looper - double bump


I love the way Philip Sherburne writes about techno. In his latest Pitchfork Month in Techno column (up today) he does his typically grand track descriptions (including a really interesting one of Audion's latest, "Mouth to Mouth", which has been floating around the blogs of choice recently - go get it!) and talks about "modes of listening" which is very thought-provoking indeed.

Go read: if you can avoid tripping on the big words you'll be a techno head in no time.