Friday, September 22, 2006

No Rubbish Trance

These days with YouTube and the various other video hosting sites, you can almost fashion your own music video show, albeit with fairly shitty quality videos. (I went looking for some of my favourite No Disco memories but sadly neither Four Tet's "No More Mosquitoes" nor The Infesticons' "Hero Theme" were available on YouTube.)

Stylus Magazine has published their Top 100 Music Videos of All Time with the videos handily embedded (see also Pitchfork's recent 100 Awesome Music Videos), and I've stumbled across two new favourites...

HOT CHIP - Boy From School

Art Attack! Where's Neil Buchanan?

PET SHOP BOYS - Flamboyant

Well, Neil Tennant might have to do... Now, I'm no fan of the Pet Shop Boys, and I know Daniel has a particular aversion to them. Myself and Brian were talking the other day about just how strange their music is - they sound like no-one else. Maybe we just don't get it, being rough n' tough, burly heteros. Anyway I got to know this tune from a typically banging remix by Kompakt's Michael Mayer (himself a renowned woofter of course) and this video for the original version draws on the apparently infinite well of strange Japanese TV. (By the by: visit TV in Japan for your daily fill of televisual headtrippery.)

For good measure, the remix:
PET SHOP BOYS - Flamboyant (Michael Mayer Kompakt mix)

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