Friday, September 29, 2006

Great Movies with Great Soundtracks: Part 1

You lucky people! I thought i'd share some movies that I quite liked - liked enough to warrant the purchase of the soundtracks.


I thought I'd start with possibly my all time favourite film, Shane Meadow's Dead Man's Shoes. The film's about a guy played by the brilliant Paddy Considine who returns from the army to seek revenge on the gang of druggies who tortured his Down Syndrome brother. The film's great cause it strikes a fucking amazing blend of humour and sadness and is a prime example of an amazing soundtrack that complements a movie really well. I chose Smog's Vessel in Vain, cause not only is it a fucking unbelievable track, but it's also lovely over the movie's opening titles.

SMOG - Vessel in Vain


In Vice's guide to student life, W stands for Wim Wenders, because "You’re probably going to have to sit through one of his films during your time here" which I found quite funny.

Fact: my first concert was Ry Cooder when I was eight.

I found the soundtrack on tape in my attic. Stick this on and you'll feel like you really need a Miller.
RY COODER - Paris, Texas

(The movie's brilliant by the way - it's got that guy out of Quantum Leap in it.)


Facts about Midnight Cowboy:

Jon Voight looks really weird

The party scene is is the most scientifically accurate account of an acid trip ever commited to screen:

It's got Harry Nilsson's Everybodys Talkin' in it (in a perfect world, every movie ever would feature that song)

John Barry's theme is fantastic.


Remeber when Lee Scratch Perry was in Guinness ads a while back?

Well, mentioning the Movern Callar soundtrack was pretty much an excuse to throw on a Lee Scratch track

The movie's quite meloncholy, but the soundtrack is a regular barrage of party anthems with the likes of Can, Lee Hazelwood, the Velvet Underground and Broadcast.

And I shall leave you with an utter banger...


Holy fuck - I can't stress just how good this movie is, though be warned: it features some of the most GRAPHIC VIOLENCE ever seen in a movie along with possibly the most uncomfortable 20 minutes ever, in the form of the controversial "rape scene".

The film is less of a movie and more of an experience. We hear everyday about murder and rape on the news and in the Daily Mail to the point were we become numb to the actual act. Irreversible comes in the form of a swift kick up the hole.

Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk fame did the soundtrack, which veers from uncomfortable drones to house wigouts - this track being firmly the latter. (Holy fuck, check when it hits the 2:59 mark.)



robvanhalen said...

for fuck sake i wish i hadnt clicked the fucking graphic violence link. jesus

magooo said...

i clicked when i read your comment rob. holy fuck!

KickAcid said...

heck, i did warn youse

Reel Fanatic said...

I've seen Paris Texas four times now, and it just gets better every time . I don't have the soundtrack, but that Ry Cooder music is amazing stuff

hector23 said...

Really like the blog. I love some soundtrack music and dont post enough on my own site.

Thanks for the link, I will link back.

Daithi said...

love Paris Texas my favourite film of all time. Heartbreakingly beautiful in a f**ked up way. Bit like me really.....

what about Near Dark? great fun film with a fab Tangerine Dream soundtrack.

dkln said...

just watching that trailer for Dead Mans Shoes brings back how class class class it is. I saw it on DVD for £7 but i didnt get it...
the soundtrack is fantastic too, I love Nanou2 at the end...

Tugboat said...

Reel Fanatic: Hello!

Hector: Thanks for dropping by! Like your blog lots (loved that Donnacha Costello remix of Louderbach recently). It's people like you and those other blogs in the links that teach me so much that I (and I presume the rest of us) don't know...

Daithi: The only reason we ever go to the Fubar is to bask in your heartbreaking beauty. Right guys?

Deklin: Go buy Dead Man's Shoes! And the soundtrack!

dkln said...

well, its 79% downloaded now. i didnt see the soundtrack anywhere though...

Tugboat said...

From a reputable source, no doubt? Top stuff.

hector23 said...

Thanks Tugboat, happy to be of service. Its just nice to know people dig it.