Monday, September 04, 2006

Electric Picnic: A brief history of time

So that's it for another year, and as I return to real world etiquette and adjusting to actually being able to sit on a toilet seat, I thought I'd share how my weekend went.

Friday morning: a rather pleasant journey down in the bus, in which the topic of discussion mainly involved Stephen Hawking and how his wife molests the fuck out of him. Diarmiad started drinking his Buckfast. Got there, put the tent up, then consumed alcohol and got our holes over to the main area place. First stop was the big O2 tent where the DJ was playing some white hot bangers. After that we left to see Spank Rock. Great stuff all round, and a fantastic liitle DJ interlude, though two fat knacker bitches kept trying to dry hump me. Back to the campsite to get drunk again and then made our way to Mogwai who made a right old racket. The long day took it's toll and the partying remained minimal on that night.

Saturday: we ventured to Dancepig, who did a fucking fantastic remix of the Countdown theme, it was fucking insane. Nathan Fake cancelled however because his mammy caught him wanking and he's now a fucking asshole (that too goes for Gnarls Barkley, who'd rather sit at home and be fuckers than turn up), so it was once again back to the tents for more booze.

By this stage the 3 litres of devils bit had me blueballed so I pepped up my fucked up-ness with some vodka. Alot of what follows was kinda fuzzy. Broken Social Scene were enjoyable, and that chick who sung (see above) was still as fuckable as ever. DJ Shadow was next and by fuck, he was incredible. The highlight of the weekend by a country mile (and I dont care what anyone says: the new album's fantastic). Me and fionn went to find some pills, though I was unsuccessful (which was a good thing now that I think of it, considering the state I was in). We then saw Belle et Sebastian who were lovely as ever. Fuckit, I cant really remember what happened after that but I think it just involved me and Brian telling bitches to spin on our dicks.

Sunday involved the greatness of Hot Chip followed up by a helping of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and complemented by the madness of Cut Chemist (who did a cool trick of scratching the voices of people in the crowd).

Overall, it was pretty fantastic, though I think it lacked something last year had. Maybe it was the fact that there was a much larger crowd of cunts at it, or the fact that the drinking water tasted of piss, or the rain, or the fact that I get the feeling it could go the way of Witnness/oxegen (ie:shite).

Oh and yes, id like to add that I really can't stand that smug bastard Des Bishop. He's fucking shite.


Tugboat said...

I think my top 3 were Hot Chip, Mogwai and Belle & Sebastian: two old favourites plus one new one. I'd also have put Modeselektor in there too because they were fucking amazing, but I was much too sober and couldn't find anybody to party with for them (at least not anybody in the same frame of mind I was at that stage, or with free booze/etc.)

As for it being any better or worse, I think it was at least as good as last year's, and at the end of the day you have to make your own party out of it. Which we certainly did.

Daithi said...

deffo hot chip & new order but i thought anthony & the johnsons were just incredible, gary numan was brill for the 2 songs we all wanted and shit for the other 12, my highlight was the indian head massage I got on sat afternoon, sadly it doesnt involve the young lady actually giving head but was great nonetheless. I too thought the fest. lacked some of the intimacy of last year, just so many more people made it all much more unwieldy and not as much fun, and a lot more queing and the mobile coverage was pathetic. But I dont really think it could go the way of oxegen, the age profile is much older and most people buy into the 'be nice to other folk' way of it, also the booking policy is deliberately designed NOT to attract skangers and the secuirt are really friendly and good unlike MCmotherfuckinD's. I can see them expanding the campervan area and the quiet campsite (which WAS really quiet amazingly) and the family area which will encourage more older folk again.

aidan said...

My top three would mirror Tugboat's but for the abscence of Super Furry Animals (either set). Anyman who wears a Power - Rangers helmet onstage is a hero of mine. But don't forget the pole valuting, that was the real success story of the weekend, well, that or the tent dress. Oh, and it's

KickAcid said...

true, the pole vaulting was an undeniable highlight and yeah, Daithis right, the older age profile was a plus, the whole start of september thing eliminates the highschoolers who seem to clog up oxegen though it was kinda funny to see so many kids in buggies around guys pilled out of it.
heres to next year.

Daithi said...

coldcut were cool too. more bits are starting to come back to me....