Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chart of Glass

Shit. It's gonna be difficult to keep this chart thing going every week (I'm already a day late). Maybe I'll do it every two weeks.

For now, I've pretty much been listening to the same old shit, and instead, check out:

Tugboat's Current Top 3 Food Items
3: Rubbish Crisps
Wheelies, for example - why do I even bother putting them in my mouth? They're terrible.

2: A Banana I Had Today
I was reaching for the Wheelies when I spied the fruit bowl. Apparently fruit's good for you?

1: PieMinister (geddit?) gourmet pies, served with mash & gravy
Good Lord, finding these at EP was like finding a money folder stuffed with twenties in a bin full of used syringes. I particularly recommend the Matador, made with steak, chorizo, butter beans and a fine sherry sauce.

Later, collective alligator.


KickAcid said...

thats a funny picture of a kid in a wheel chair.

Tugboat said...

Yeah. He's doing a wheelie.

aidan said...

I hate to admit it, but I only just "got" the Pieminister thing. I think i'll go sit in a corner somewhere.