Saturday, September 30, 2006

Friday, September 29, 2006

Great Movies with Great Soundtracks: Part 1

You lucky people! I thought i'd share some movies that I quite liked - liked enough to warrant the purchase of the soundtracks.


I thought I'd start with possibly my all time favourite film, Shane Meadow's Dead Man's Shoes. The film's about a guy played by the brilliant Paddy Considine who returns from the army to seek revenge on the gang of druggies who tortured his Down Syndrome brother. The film's great cause it strikes a fucking amazing blend of humour and sadness and is a prime example of an amazing soundtrack that complements a movie really well. I chose Smog's Vessel in Vain, cause not only is it a fucking unbelievable track, but it's also lovely over the movie's opening titles.

SMOG - Vessel in Vain


In Vice's guide to student life, W stands for Wim Wenders, because "You’re probably going to have to sit through one of his films during your time here" which I found quite funny.

Fact: my first concert was Ry Cooder when I was eight.

I found the soundtrack on tape in my attic. Stick this on and you'll feel like you really need a Miller.
RY COODER - Paris, Texas

(The movie's brilliant by the way - it's got that guy out of Quantum Leap in it.)


Facts about Midnight Cowboy:

Jon Voight looks really weird

The party scene is is the most scientifically accurate account of an acid trip ever commited to screen:

It's got Harry Nilsson's Everybodys Talkin' in it (in a perfect world, every movie ever would feature that song)

John Barry's theme is fantastic.


Remeber when Lee Scratch Perry was in Guinness ads a while back?

Well, mentioning the Movern Callar soundtrack was pretty much an excuse to throw on a Lee Scratch track

The movie's quite meloncholy, but the soundtrack is a regular barrage of party anthems with the likes of Can, Lee Hazelwood, the Velvet Underground and Broadcast.

And I shall leave you with an utter banger...


Holy fuck - I can't stress just how good this movie is, though be warned: it features some of the most GRAPHIC VIOLENCE ever seen in a movie along with possibly the most uncomfortable 20 minutes ever, in the form of the controversial "rape scene".

The film is less of a movie and more of an experience. We hear everyday about murder and rape on the news and in the Daily Mail to the point were we become numb to the actual act. Irreversible comes in the form of a swift kick up the hole.

Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk fame did the soundtrack, which veers from uncomfortable drones to house wigouts - this track being firmly the latter. (Holy fuck, check when it hits the 2:59 mark.)


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Old Fart and His Arts

Woohoo! Daithi is blogging his fingers off over at Arts and Parts - the natural continuation of his People's Press column for this apocalyptic virtual future we edge ever nearer to.

Thanks for the big-ups Daithi - see you in the Fubar no diggity no doubt.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I saw Jay-Z last night

...and Lupe Fiasco and Rick Ross. I am fed up with paying my respects to dead people.

Maybe you'd like to listen to some hip hop now huh?
Trick Daddy - I Pop (iPop?)
The Pack - Vans
Ludacris - Girls Gone Wild

Wikipedia tells me Trick Daddy has 26 brothers and sisters.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Loitering outside a toyshop.

Buraka Som Sistema are 3 djs from portugal that want to "re-connect with urban musics deepest realities". I really don't know how to describe their sound, maybe a "unique mixture of kizomba and techno" as their myspace says, not really though. Anyways, tunes bang, check it:
Buraka Som Sistema - Yah! ft. Petty 2
Buraka Som Sistema - Sem Kingila
Buraka Som Sistema - Puxada 2

Unrelated: Beck's new album The Information is out next Monday and, well, it isn't very good. It's just good. Consistant. He seems to have lost the ablity to amaze me and I WANT TO BE AMAZED! You make your own cover art for the album with the stickers provided inside too, thats a hot gimmick, right? So far only one track stands out for me, actually, maybe two (the second one only because of it's title though).
Beck - Nausea
Beck - 1000BPM

And In other news, I want the $500 Ghostface doll, but who doesn't, AMIRITE?
* Real 14 karat gold chain

* Real GFK Robe

* Gold Chalice with Swarovski crystals

* Each doll will include a Ghostface Killah Doll mixtape by a world-famous DJ tba
* Real 14 karat gold avenging eagle accessory ($100 extra)
* Each collector will have a 1 in 500 chance to spend a day with Ghostface Killah himself
* Each Doll will come in a limited edition gold sealed box
* Ghostface Killah is fully involved in all aspects of the project from manufacturing to promotion
* Each Doll speaks original recordings of Ghostface Killah catch-phrases
Ghostface plays The Village, Dublin, 10th October.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Godspeed You! Side-Projects

First off, that's a truly awful title to start a post off with, but I'll get to that later.
I'm having one of those days, sitting round the house getting fat. I thought I was working today. Turns out I wasn't.
So today I've been trawling through a lot of old records I ain't listened to for a while and stumbled across some gold to soundtrack my bittersweet hangover.

And... I fondly found this gem to throw on your tape deck:
1-SPEED BIKE - There Is An Oil Tanker Named Condoleeza Rice
One for all those who enjoy manic high speed breakcore thats too sloppy to be breakcore. This track manages to channel wrong musics chaos while namechecking Arman Van helden-esque stabs. From the lovely album El Gallito
on the rather good Broklyn Beats label.

Oh yeah, and about that bad title, 1-Speed Bike is the side project of Aidan Girt, drummer of the wonderful Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

(That track is in the iTunes file format, so get a converter if you enjoy your media played Windows-style.)

Friday, September 22, 2006

No Rubbish Trance

These days with YouTube and the various other video hosting sites, you can almost fashion your own music video show, albeit with fairly shitty quality videos. (I went looking for some of my favourite No Disco memories but sadly neither Four Tet's "No More Mosquitoes" nor The Infesticons' "Hero Theme" were available on YouTube.)

Stylus Magazine has published their Top 100 Music Videos of All Time with the videos handily embedded (see also Pitchfork's recent 100 Awesome Music Videos), and I've stumbled across two new favourites...

HOT CHIP - Boy From School

Art Attack! Where's Neil Buchanan?

PET SHOP BOYS - Flamboyant

Well, Neil Tennant might have to do... Now, I'm no fan of the Pet Shop Boys, and I know Daniel has a particular aversion to them. Myself and Brian were talking the other day about just how strange their music is - they sound like no-one else. Maybe we just don't get it, being rough n' tough, burly heteros. Anyway I got to know this tune from a typically banging remix by Kompakt's Michael Mayer (himself a renowned woofter of course) and this video for the original version draws on the apparently infinite well of strange Japanese TV. (By the by: visit TV in Japan for your daily fill of televisual headtrippery.)

For good measure, the remix:
PET SHOP BOYS - Flamboyant (Michael Mayer Kompakt mix)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hello. I think this sums things up nicely.

I'm just going to post choonz, etcetera... fuck posting about my thoughts/hangover.

DJ Tameil - Robot Club Rock

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Being homeless:fun?

Oh holy fuck I feel I have something I need to blog about. Partially cause I have nothing else to do at this time of the morning and partially cause I can't get into contact with anybody through the telephone machine. Alright here gos: yesterday began with a bang and a bender me and daniel started drinking at around twelve in the day and at aroound two conor joined us, we kept it going in various locations until the process of heading out, once we arrived at our chosen destination they wouldn't let me into the club said I was too drunk and stuff Daniel stayed out with me like a true friend but then alot of things happened that I don't remember I ended up at another club, I'm gonna guess I decided since I couldn't get in one place I'd go another. OK then I was all up in the other club and kindof found a few people I knew but I couldn't stop dancing and by the time I had they had all left. Eventually the crowd spilled out on to the street, but I was alone and had nowhere to go, thoughts were racing through my head I was trying to think could I remember where conors house was but I probably would have just ended up banging on some randomer's door if I had pursued that which would not have been good. so after circleing belfast I got to daniels and started shouting outside his window an and throwing rocks at it, although it may not have been his window, ya know? either way I got no response. So i decided to sleep in the locked doorway of a nearby church, that wasn't working so I made my way around the side and found a sweet spot sortof under a lorry. It was sad at the time I honestly thought "what a sweet spot" but in reality...........not so sweet. so thats where I slept last night and having been awoken by the binmen( one of them even had the gall to laugh at me) I came here, as it is inside and has chairs. It was a harsh reminder of having nowhere to live and how little fun wet jeans really are, plus how fun life isn't and also seriously daniel? conor? drop me a line I still have nowhere to go.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Scrambled eggs all over my keyboard

Hello, how's every little thing? I figured its time I started contributing to this thing ........ even though I'm not really in the mood as I was found asleep in my sitting room by my mother at nine o' clock this morning surronded by at least 12 tins of dutch beer. Oh well, I'm a big fan of what some like to refer to as "lesbian" music and sometimes it scares me when conor begins talking about techno at length and his eyes roll back into his head........ afterwards he can never remember any of what he said to me either. Anyway heres two class videos, off two class albums both of which were released in 2006 which has been at worst a decent year.

M. WARD - Chinese Translation

DAEDELUS - Lights Out

Saturday, September 16, 2006


"Listen here, Channel 4 - instead of forcing kids to eat bracken or do squat-thrusts, how about teaching them to think more expansively, so they reject the sly, cajoling nature of programmes like this? Or would that be a campaign too far?"

Charlie Brooker on top form.

The Indo is a Rag

The fucking Indo kicked off its Great Biographies ("Lives that shaped the Nation") series today with Michael Collins. Perfectly acceptable. No prizes for guessing who's up next though.

This actually exists
Why of course it's Bonovox, lead singer of U2. For fuck's sake. Stop buying the Indo, parents. It's bad for you.

Friday, September 15, 2006

There is no ending??

well kids. me and aidan were chattin the day and we decided that an arab strap farewell covers ep could be a good wee project for shindig to undertake. ive finally pulled my fingure out and gotten my laptop fixed after threatenin to do so for 9 months so i can start cuttin hit records reasonably soon. possible titles so far are "there is no ending?" "best to go out with a bang" "the shy retirers". Thoughts??

Galway + Good Music = ?

Ryan Adams is playing the Black Box in Galway on the 24th of October followed by........(insert drum roll here)..the mighty Go! Team on the following night. This is pretty bizarre as almost no decent bands have played here since I came to college and now the Go! team are playing only a few months after Arab Strap.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

last night i got roaring drunk in an expensive bar called the birdcage (is that gay) i said le cage au folles a lot, i bought a good few rounds, it started with me and my friend jimbo and an acquaintance, we talked of how all our old friends were turning into tragic messes. later it was my friend lee, who is very short, and small speaks like a proper cockney, dresses like a cross between a waitor and a mod, has a girlfriend in thailand and runs a clothes shop that sells very expensive clothes that i never buy, it ended with me talking to the barmaid and asking her the same questions over and over again, her name was marita, i think that is italian, she said she has some irish in her, i resisted asking her did she want some more. later i went home and did that thing where i take my phone and try to sabotage my chances with any girl that stupidly gives me her number.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Long Goodbye

And here are the tour dates. Nothing for Ireland, so to Britain we must go. Anybody for Glasgow? I don't really mind but we gotta give them a send off.

11-01 Nottingham, England - Rescue Rooms
11-03 Norwich, England - Arts Centre
11-05 Portsmouth, England - Wedgewood Rooms
11-06 Liverpool, England - Theatre
11-07 Bristol, England - Thekla
11-08 London, England - Scala
11-29 Manchester, England - Academy
11-29 Manchester, England - Academy
12-01 Edinburgh, Scotland - Cabaret Voltaire
12-02 Aberdeen, Scotland - Tunnels
12-03 Glasgow, Scotland - King Tut's Wah Wah Hut
12-04 Glasgow, Scotland - King Tut's Wah Wah Hut

Monday, September 11, 2006


conor kindly invited me to join your splendiforous blog, i'm a little internet shy but i'll give it a go. i'll bung up a few photos from america from time to time anyways.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hangover Express

Choo choo. Hangover express, and I'm tied to the tracks - KABLAMMO! Rob, I sympathise.

I often have life-affirming thoughts while hungover and resolve that when I'm back to full strength I'll, y'know, sort my fucking life out. (But of course, the next day it amounts to a load of old bollocks.)

Anyway, onwards to the cumbersomely titled...

Recommendations for Tracks I've Found Elsewhere on the Internet and Thoroughly Enjoyed This Week (in countdown format, because - why not?):

5: YES - Heart of the Sunrise [MP3 from here]
The music used for the amazing climactic scene in Vincent Gallo's brilliant Buffalo '66. If you haven't seen it, I simply can't recommend it enough. As for the tune: P-R-O-G.

4: ELLEN ALLIEN - Just a Woman [MP3 here; Info here]
The German Queen of Techno's contribution to a split 12" with Audion (whose side was titled, yep, you guessed it, "Just a Man"). Delighted to find this in a deadly record store in Berlin, where they actually sold things you wanted to buy. It's a good job I didn't have all my spending money out with me that day, or I'd have, y'know, spent it all. Also delighted to find an MP3 of it on the trusty old interweb, considering my record player is rubbish (an Irish Times reader offer, for Christ's sake) and I'm lazy. Relentless minimal banger - listen very loud indeed.

3: ALEX SMOKE - Pingu [MP3 here again]
Monsieur Smoke is one DJ I would absolutely love to see live. Recent LP Paradolia offered more of his trademark downbeat moods matched with banging minimal beats. This one, from the earlier Simple Things EP is a more straightforward affair, but powerful nonetheless. Again, listen loud!

2: PAUL KALKBRENNER - Gia 2000 (Modeselektor remix) [MP3 from these cool fuckers]
Part of a forthcoming remix album coming soon on Ellen Allien's BPitch Control label, Modeselektor give this one their typically delightful mish-mash treatment, in this case with a nice reggae-ific tinge.

1: EASY STAR ALL*STARS (FEAT. TOOTS & THE MAYTALS) - Let Down (Radiohead Cover) [MP3 here]
Staying on a reggae tip: this has been doing the rounds for a while I think, but I only got me dirty mitts on it this week. Toots & The Maytals have a great loose, rough-around-the-edges feel to their music and this beautiful cover is simultaneously sad and joyful. And just listen to his voice!

All thoroughly enjoyable in their own way. Plus, if you've got nothing to read at the minute, I've just finished reading and would heartily recommend John Peel's autobiography, Margrave of the Marshes, half-finished by Peel before his death, and completed by his wife Sheila. As you'd expect, it's a hilarious and charming read.

Oh, PLUS: more new contributors to join us very soon!


Friday, September 08, 2006

There is an Ending

I'm incredibly hungover and just read this from the Arab Strap website:


Updated Friday 8th September, 2006
Yes, it’s the end for Arab Strap. After ten years, six studio albums, three live albums and all manner of everything else, we’ve decided the story should come to a close. There’s no animosity, no drama, we simply feel we’ve run our course and The Last Romance seems to us the most obvious and logical final act of the Arab Strap studio adventure. Everybody likes a happy ending!

We will, of course, be celebrating. Our anniversary compilation, “Ten Years Of Tears” (see below) will be released this October/November and we are planning what will be our Farewell Tour (which sounds kind of cool) around the release in the UK and Europe (we’ll post the dates over the weekend). We hope you’ll be able to join us, but if you can’t make it then let us take this opportunity to thank you for listening.

It is midnight on the 8th of September 2006 and I have just opened a beer.

I'm now crying.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

There is No Ending????

Today really is Arab Strap day for me. Having just posted about them on my own blog now i find much, much more of interest to even the most casual 'Straper. First off the good (old) news....

There is an unreleased album called "Coming Down" to be found here and it's really quite cool. Apparently it's essentially a solo album by Aidan but regardless, it's rather enjoyable - "The Man Who Came Money" in particular.

Next up, they have a b- sides album coming out in a month on Chemikal Underground called "Ten Years Of Tears", and the track listing can be found on their official website.

Finally, this chancer reckons that they have broken up. If this is true (God forbid), let's all shoot the messanger, or go home and cry into our Tennents. This would be a disaster of Steve Irwin proportions. (too soon?) But if this cunt is lying.........

"This shit is better than Sopranos!"

I'm no expert on comic books (or graphic novels, as those who don't want to admit to a lifetime of geekery call them): the opposite in fact. I regularly cause looks of pained embarrassment on the faces of my comic book-loving friends when it emerges, halfway into a conversation about X-Men or some such, that my experience of this fine art never progressed far beyond the Beano. For whatever reason, I could never give a flying toss about superheroes saving humanity or vicious brawls on the streets of deserted metropolises, hundreds of years into the bleak, atomic future. What I cared about were silly jokes and likeable characters. (A psychoanalyst could probably tell you that there's more to it than that, but in much the same way that I'm not an expert on comic books, I'm not a psychoanalyst either.) As I grew older I also began to appreciate good writing - whether in books, films, music or the scripts for football punditry programmes.

Recently, I found the perfect combination of these factors in Achewood, an online comic strip telling the story of a group of anthropomorphic stuffed toys, robots and pets (God bless Wikipedia for dull facts you can't think of the phrasing for). Created by Chris Onstad, and published for free 3-4 times a week at, it is one of those brilliant, shining lights you come across every once in a blue moon which demonstrate that there's more to the Internet than just pornography and the burgeoning knock-off viagra and diamond market.

The adventures of Achewood's motley crew began almost 5 years ago, and in the intervening time, Onstad has - week-in, week-out - been building up a complete micro-universe where his characters live, breathe, cook, drink, have parties, overcome depression, go to Heaven and Hell for various reasons (somehow always returning), run for President, go on numerous other adventures and generally hang around and have fun.

The great thing about Achewood is that whether it's a one-off strip about an awkward phone call or a whole story arc detailing a trip into space, the characters are always so painstakingly, lovingly and realistically brought to life and voiced by Onstad's brilliant artistry and writing that it's impossible not to suspend your disbelief. And so it makes complete sense when we see what Philippe, the innocent 5-year old otter, gets up to after he reads The Anarchist's Cookbook:

Or when we see Ray get "drunk as a lord" in Hell with Robert Johnson:

When you've been reading the strip for a while, Ray, Roast Beef, Teodor and the rest of Achewood's population won't seem so much like a group of "anthropomorphic stuffed toys, robots and pets" as just some guys you know. If you have the time to spare (and the fact that you're reading this blog would suggest that you do), I'd recommend starting from the start and just ploughing through the archive. When I got a taste of it for starters, this is what I did, and I practically couldn't stop reading the thing for a whole week, until I was up to date. Mr. Onstad: You. Are. Rad.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chart of Glass

Shit. It's gonna be difficult to keep this chart thing going every week (I'm already a day late). Maybe I'll do it every two weeks.

For now, I've pretty much been listening to the same old shit, and instead, check out:

Tugboat's Current Top 3 Food Items
3: Rubbish Crisps
Wheelies, for example - why do I even bother putting them in my mouth? They're terrible.

2: A Banana I Had Today
I was reaching for the Wheelies when I spied the fruit bowl. Apparently fruit's good for you?

1: PieMinister (geddit?) gourmet pies, served with mash & gravy
Good Lord, finding these at EP was like finding a money folder stuffed with twenties in a bin full of used syringes. I particularly recommend the Matador, made with steak, chorizo, butter beans and a fine sherry sauce.

Later, collective alligator.

Some Computer Loving

This is my first post in the crazy world of thoughts etcetera and will hopefully prove to be my most inconsequential. I enjoy coffee, long walks in the park and watching Diarmud take his clothes off. I'm gonna spend some time now figuring out how to work a computer, but i'll be back.......

Monday, September 04, 2006

Electric Picnic: A brief history of time

So that's it for another year, and as I return to real world etiquette and adjusting to actually being able to sit on a toilet seat, I thought I'd share how my weekend went.

Friday morning: a rather pleasant journey down in the bus, in which the topic of discussion mainly involved Stephen Hawking and how his wife molests the fuck out of him. Diarmiad started drinking his Buckfast. Got there, put the tent up, then consumed alcohol and got our holes over to the main area place. First stop was the big O2 tent where the DJ was playing some white hot bangers. After that we left to see Spank Rock. Great stuff all round, and a fantastic liitle DJ interlude, though two fat knacker bitches kept trying to dry hump me. Back to the campsite to get drunk again and then made our way to Mogwai who made a right old racket. The long day took it's toll and the partying remained minimal on that night.

Saturday: we ventured to Dancepig, who did a fucking fantastic remix of the Countdown theme, it was fucking insane. Nathan Fake cancelled however because his mammy caught him wanking and he's now a fucking asshole (that too goes for Gnarls Barkley, who'd rather sit at home and be fuckers than turn up), so it was once again back to the tents for more booze.

By this stage the 3 litres of devils bit had me blueballed so I pepped up my fucked up-ness with some vodka. Alot of what follows was kinda fuzzy. Broken Social Scene were enjoyable, and that chick who sung (see above) was still as fuckable as ever. DJ Shadow was next and by fuck, he was incredible. The highlight of the weekend by a country mile (and I dont care what anyone says: the new album's fantastic). Me and fionn went to find some pills, though I was unsuccessful (which was a good thing now that I think of it, considering the state I was in). We then saw Belle et Sebastian who were lovely as ever. Fuckit, I cant really remember what happened after that but I think it just involved me and Brian telling bitches to spin on our dicks.

Sunday involved the greatness of Hot Chip followed up by a helping of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and complemented by the madness of Cut Chemist (who did a cool trick of scratching the voices of people in the crowd).

Overall, it was pretty fantastic, though I think it lacked something last year had. Maybe it was the fact that there was a much larger crowd of cunts at it, or the fact that the drinking water tasted of piss, or the rain, or the fact that I get the feeling it could go the way of Witnness/oxegen (ie:shite).

Oh and yes, id like to add that I really can't stand that smug bastard Des Bishop. He's fucking shite.