Sunday, August 20, 2006

hungover, drawn, quartered like a donkey

fuck it is so hard to think of shit to write about so ive decided to review my hangover. this morning i woke up with severe dizziness to the sound of the heavens trying to drown norfolk. i spent a whole..... whole long time thinking what i did last night. there was only one thing for a man like me and it was black sabbath and pizza for brekfast. by the time changes finished id had enough black sabbath and burnt pizza. i struggled to get out of bed and my vision shook hard. i craved somthing, i craved something happy, i needed disco, i fired on some !!! (chk,chk,chk). "louden up now" is a wonderful album for a hangover, it has political lyrics that are funny and not annoying and a hipnotic rythem section, you all probably know this.
fuck that new streets video is a bit strange. his stuff seems be all about him doing loads of drugs, still good though.
i now had that horrible taste in my mouth but mr dj shadow came in and rubbed my back and told me that i probably didnt send that text to her and even so who gives a fuck about girls anyway, i agreed with him and then he preformed the whole of entroducing on itunes. i hadnt heard those songs in ages.
does anyone else get hangover guilt, i cant figure out why i should feel guilty but right now i could chew every ones nails im that stressed. i plan on listening to christopher bissionnette when i hit the sack, his album periphery is bloody lovely it sounds like the background music in goldeneye the game (you know those banging pipe noises) slowed down on a really cold day, it dosent have any beats, a good reference point would be aphex twin's ambient works. anyway i need a shower

ps i dont really like the work of van halen!

well jump's ok!


KickAcid said...

godbless throbert.

Anonymous said...

you clearly did send her that texty, nobody else gets hangover guilt (you freak), and the music from golden eye is pure shite.

are you coming to my party then?


PS i'm assuming this is conor...

robvanhalen said...

whoa looks like some one dident get on with their dad as a boy. nope im not conor, his name is conor not rob! nope im not coming to your party, it'ill probably be full of fat goth girls with wet jeans, who talk about doing "weed" once or whatever!


only joking carl


Tugboat said...

Carl, when's your party?