Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hello (2)

We're not this guy. I used to be one of these guys and Dano still is (at least for now). Rob is new to the whole thing and types slower than a retarded baby. More contributors will join as we go on, no doubt. Watchers Reborn (1998; Mark Hamill, Lou Rawls) was just showing on Zone Horror, the new, bastardised version of The Horror Channel, probably the finest free Sky channel before the arrival of Film 4.

This probably wasn't the best time to set up our new blog, considering we're pissing off to (continental) Europe on Thursday, but we'd had it in the pipelines for ages and weren't arsed waiting any longer. Expect the basic appearance to become swisher as well.


goo said...

so this is different from a slice of class in some way?

Tugboat said...

Yeah it's got a different name and looks slightly different.