Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Chart Attack!

Our Euro Trip is sadly over. Back to the daily grind of fannying about the internet and drinking coffee all day, and not even getting fucked up every single night! What a gyp! (More on the trip later, perhaps...)

Ah well, remember on Slice of Class I did a chart once, with the intention of doing multiple charts? And then I didn't do a single one after that? Well, here I go again...

I present you with a list of (not-necessarily current) tunes I've been thoroughly enjoying of late. These have all been in the vicinity of my ears for anywhere between the last few days to the last few months.

10 L. PIERRE - Jim Jodge Dines at the Penguin Café [Info]
Thanks to Daniel, as ever a key taste-making element for me, for introducing me to Aidan Moffat's marvellous side-project, Lucky Pierre. See a couple of posts ago for the MP3 (WMA?).

09 ADA - Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover) [Info]
A bit lovely this is. One of those tunes that's just begging for a nice bit of the old four-to-the-floor, but Ada keeps it very tasteful.

08 JACO PASTORIUS - Portrait of Tracy [Info]
When I told someone I worked with that I played the bass (an arguable fact in itself) he started raving about this group Weather Report and their bass player Jaco Pastorius. Given that I tend to stay away from any virtuoso gubbins, I was somewhat wary but I dutifully checked him out and found this gem, which (DIG THIS!) El-P had sampled for Cannibal Ox's "Pigeon". And dig it further: Daniel had played me the exact sample just a day or two earlier, without either of us having heard of Jaco Pastorius. Coincedences, eh? Here's a video of him playing it live in 1976 (?) - the class bit kicks in around 1:50.

07 ALEX UNDER - Untitled 1 (from Multiplicanciones 2) [Info]
A great, driving, pulsing, constantly shape-shifting bit of micro techno.

06 THE BAND - The Last Waltz Refrain [Info]
I love The Band. More on them later perhaps.

05 KRAFTWERK - Numbers (Live) [Info]
By chance we ended up seeing Kraftwerk live at the Summer of Love music festival on the outskirts of Prague while we were over there. By fuck, do they know how to put on a show.

04 HERBERT - Harmonise [Info]
Old Matthew H. knows how to knock an album out. Scale is certainly unusual to begin with, but give it time and it packs surprise punches on every repeated listen. Also, hot vocals as ever by Dani Siciliano.

03 MODESELEKTOR - Kill Bill Vol. 4 [Info]
Rave-smash-tronica or something. Electric Picnic!

02 STEADYCAM - Knock Kneed [Info]
With the holiday that was in it, it seems inevitable that my top two would be T-E-C-H-N-O. We missed the Kompakt Total 7 party in Cologne (the compilation my numbers 2 & 1 come from), but we did catch Tresor Im Exil at Berlin's marvellous Maria Am Ostbanhof which was a wee bit mind-blowing for someone like me who bangs on and on about fucking techno all the fucking time but rarely has the chance to see any good stuff. (See also this video from a Japanese news programme (?!) about Tresor Berlin closing last year. Yes, it's in Japanese and German but the general idea comes across.)

01 WIGHNOMY BROS - Wombat [Info]
An off-kilter, insistent bassline is the centrepiece of this great Wighnomy Bros tune, again included on Kompakt Total 7, and actually over a year old at this stage. Hearing this while partying in Maria at around 7 or 8 in the morning was something special. You can hear a little bit of it in this trailer for Speaking in Code, a film by sQuare Productions. Needless to say, Total 7 comes highly recommended.

Alright. Posting will continue at a more regular pace from now on, and you should be ready for exciting and dynamic new features at ANY MOMENT.


Aidan, mostly said...

How do you link on this. Grrrrrrrr. anyway it's aidan and it's http://ifyoucantlaughwiththem.blogspot.com/

Tugboat said...

Aidan! You got home safe and sound anyway. We should drink sometime.

sQuare said...

oh wow thanks for the shout out. up on the main page now

Tugboat said...

No problem - the film looks like it's gonna be fantastic...